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rubadubdub Sun 28-May-06 21:33:59

think my child is autistic on top or every thing else

rubadubdub Sun 28-May-06 21:40:22

shes got so many problems, so its hard to work it out, but she can;t stand being in certian situations. and although shes only 3 and has brain damage i feel that theres something very wrong, she puts the whole family under pressure, shes very demanding and tiering can't get on with other kids, but its a fine line, cause she physically disabled, so shes going to find it hard anyway.

Elf1981 Sun 28-May-06 21:42:40

rubadubdub, not sure if you should set a new thread up, this one has no title so hard to get into to see what has been written (I had to add this to my watch to get into it).

Do you have anybody you can turn to about your child, somebody professional?

rubadubdub Sun 28-May-06 21:47:51

yeah, not sure how to work mumsnet yet, not been on long, she goes to a speacial school but its always a fight to get any answers and im so worried about her , shes a sick child anyway but a friend in her class died on thursday and it really upset us and scared us.

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