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I found a pre-school I like at last

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Thomcat Tue 03-Feb-04 14:04:53

Hi girls - don't know if you recall but I was having a problem finding a pre-school that was totally accepting and happy to take the non-walking Lottie. Well I have signed her up for a Montessori school but that won't start until September this year when she's gone 2.5 and I really want her to start somewhere asap so that she is in the company of other children more than just our social lives at the weekend.

I found a really lovely place where the teacher was so accepting and okay with her not walking. She gave me a lump in my throat when she said 'of course I'll take her, I'd love to, she'd be a credit to us'! Rather than panic about how she'll get round the walking thing she just asked if I had some literature I could let her have to read and asked me to copy out the Makaton signs Lottie uses etc. She hasn't got a place for her until Easter but said she'd see what she could do about that! I'm so relieved that my search is finally over and I found somewhere that feels good In the meantime my mum is taking her to a little group her local library runs each week and also to the ELC morning where the kids get to try out all the toys.

salt Tue 03-Feb-04 14:09:59

Thomcat - That's fantastic news!!!! congratulations, you must be so pleased.

Thomcat Tue 03-Feb-04 16:08:20

Thanks salt - yeah I'm REALLY pleased, it's just so nice to be able to tick that off my to-do-list! It was looming a bit large and irritating me that no-one was preppared to work round the walking thing so big smailes over here!

Coddy Tue 03-Feb-04 16:11:40

you are the family of achievers at the moment you know!

bundle Tue 03-Feb-04 16:13:01

Thomcat, that's lovely
My dds nursery has a great history of working with children with special needs (off the top of my head 2 boys on the autistic spectrum, one profoundly deaf) and I can honestly say they were a credit to the nursery and everyone looked upon them as part of the nursery 'family', just like all the other kids. fab news.

Thomcat Tue 03-Feb-04 16:15:58

Thanks Bundle - great to know.

coddy - are we mate- doesn't feel that way. A non-walking 2 year old and an out of work partner!!! Thanks anyway!!!

Coddy Tue 03-Feb-04 16:16:44

you will look back onthis and reagard it all as a blip

Thomcat Tue 03-Feb-04 16:19:38

coddy - I regard it all as a blip now hon'!

Coddy Tue 03-Feb-04 16:20:39


dinosaur Tue 03-Feb-04 16:37:39

Thomcat - that's lovely news! So pleased for you and Lottie!



fio2 Tue 03-Feb-04 17:04:49

Thomcat, thats lovely I think you do know when you have found the right one. I chose a rubbish one for dd first, but in hindsight it should have set alarm bells ringing the first time I saw it. The second private one dd went to was lovely. The manager knew about delayed development, wanted to incorporate her physio into the routine of the nursery (say like in the songs rather than dd taken off for 'physio', they used to do her portage tasks with her and her speech therapy. It was lovely As you know she goes to sn nursery atm but that was mainly because she wasnt being supported enough by the lea (not the nursery itself) But it will be all change again soon because she has been mainstreamed down kent. Sorry this sounds like I have waffled on about my dd but I am just trying to illustrate you just know (hope I illustrated it well)

Thomcat Tue 03-Feb-04 17:19:03

fio - no don't be mad, it was interesting to read about your DD's nursery and hear how happy you are with it and to get from you how much you understand how good it feels

Jimjams Tue 03-Feb-04 18:34:27

It's lovely when you find a place that is right.

I was the same as fio- first nursery was a disaster- absolute horror. I was terrified of putting ds1 back in nursery (kept him out for a further year and a bit). Then when we moved his nursery was recommended and I couldn't believe the difference when I went to visit. it was so warm and caring and just lovely.

DS2 has just started and loves it as well.

fio2 Tue 03-Feb-04 18:48:50

jimjams glad your ds2 loves it too hpe you are ok havent posted with you for a while.......

Kittypickle Tue 03-Feb-04 18:58:26

That's brilliant ! The nursery DD went to before we moved had a little girl with Down's . The staff all went on several courses to learn the signs she used and incorporated it into the daily routine of the nursery. When they did a sort of register, all the children signed "good morning" All the children were really enthusiastic and a few became dab hands at signing nursery rhymes.

Jimjams Tue 03-Feb-04 20:37:21

I'm ranting away on other threads fio As usual

Thomcat Wed 04-Feb-04 10:36:09

That lovely Jimjams - it's SO important and I'm pleased that both your bouys are happy and settled in their nursey.

That's really nice story as well Katypickles - I'm sending the nursery a big pack of stuff in the post today and will be including stuff on Makaton.

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