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cranio-osteopaths or chiropractors?

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lourobert Thu 25-May-06 11:10:42

Curious as to if anyone has used a cranial osteopath or chiropractor for their lo and wondered what their experiences was like and if you felt that there was any benefit?


iwearflairs Thu 25-May-06 16:28:15

I used a cranial osteopath for my DS in his first week as he was a ventouse delivery and we were concerned for what it might have done to his skull. He was having a few suckling problems but I know now that they were unrelated. I understand the principle behind it but have no idea whether it really did/does anything, but the CO was recommended by a breast feeding counsellor who I set store by. DS really seemed to enjoy the experience and used to lie there monging out quite happily. She seemed to have good experience of working with very young children. Sadly she then went off to get married and the person who replaced her at the clinic was in my opinion nothing short of a charlatan. At signs of DS having severe hypermobility we had an appointment (not cheap) in which she gave us 'exercises' to do for him - with what I know now I know she was completely making it up and cashing in. I personally have had cranial osteopathy and found it enormously helpful in relieving stress during a period of workaholism. To cut a long story short, I guess it depends who you get.

KBear Thu 25-May-06 16:38:39

My son sees a cranial osteopath and is being treated for glue ear. In four months it has gone one side and improved drastically on the other. I swear by it. DS was down for grommets and no longer needs an operation so we are thrilled.

The osteopath regularly sees babies and treats them for various ailments such as crying! and colic (supposed to be good after a traumatic birth).

He's in SE London if you want a recommendation.

nutmeg Thu 25-May-06 21:31:04

i am SE London and would love a recommendation

LIZS Thu 25-May-06 21:32:38

ds has seen a co and while she can't specifically treat his issues she can alleviate some of the tension in his head and muscles which doesn't help.

KBear Thu 25-May-06 22:01:22

nutmeg - I will CAT you with the details of the osteo.

Ulysees Thu 25-May-06 22:04:11

just a quickie, I highly rate COs. DS2 became a changed boy. Had mega difficulties with him at pre school and even they commented on the amazing difference in him

Davros Fri 26-May-06 07:35:34

I took both of mine with an open mind (believe it or not!)
DS - severe autism/non-verbal etc, to someone working at a charity who had trained in Harley Stsevere autism/non-verbal etc. Saw no difference and he actually preferred the aromatherapy massage on offer at the same centre
DD - some years later for congested nasal passsages, blocked ears etc, to someone completely different, privately. Saw no difference and she started to hate it after the first couple of times

milge Fri 26-May-06 07:55:48

my3.5yo daughter has developemental delay/hypotonia/autistic traits and she has been seeing the same c 0 every 6 weeks since she was 15m. I honestly believe he has made a huge difference to the progress she has made, working on areas of tension, blockages, especially in her right temporal lobe, which controls communication. I went to the first appt thinking it was a load of mumbo jumbo, but now I am the strongest advocate.
Conversely, C O treatment made little difference to my son and his glue ear/grommet problems, so maybe it is down to the receptibility of the child you are treating. hth

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