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Finally a better day!

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emmalou78 Wed 24-May-06 13:16:53


Today he's had a normal check up with the pead, where I've bene able to say we've started toilet training and he's got 11 meaningful words and it not sound like the bleakest news ever! she's sorting a prescription for slow release melatonin [which answered my question, yes you can crush it and it work the same!] to see if we can keep the boy asleep once he's dropped off, its just good to be able to say what he CAN do that he couldn't 6 months ago, though I always feel like I haven't said enough, but I think that comes from how much I had to say when we first started seeing her because it was so important they knew it all for his diagnosis, she's passing on a message about the increased agression [though I still think its linked ot being ill]and the self injury he's started at preschool to the clinical psych, who's seeing us in a few weeks and can think up some strategies in advance rather then me asking her on the spot!
AND she's sending on some information about Fairplay, so we look into getting him on a playscheme in the holidays.... which sounds terrifying but is probably a very good idea, he needs to be doing something and his brother needs a break from time to time!

I am beginning to wonder if he'll get back to preschool before half term he's not right, he still gets upset when he has a wee, I checked with NHS direct and it does seem he might have a urine infection, but apparently they do mostly pass in a few days without antibiotics, so I'm reassured by that and pleased a samples gone off because if it does need something we'll know soon enough.

I treated him to a new jigsaw for being good, and as it suits his sitting and being quiet mood, he's nearly finished it completely all on his own.


Today seems better, he's only given me 2 bruises with his biting anger so far!

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