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Help and advice desperately needed!

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tigersmummy Sat 25-May-13 08:38:16

I have posted occasionally on here before. DS is 5 yrs and has been seen by the ed psych at school 3 times. We're now at the stage where he is being referred for further assessment mainly based on our concerns he may be autistic. He has been through so much in the last 12 months (moving house, starting school, new sister, house being renovated etc) and I've always thought it was a phase and that he would come through it. He has sensory issues I'm sure (also broached by the we psych) as he flaps his hands, finds it difficult to sit down without fidgeting and wanders round almost trying to find his place in the world, if that makes sense? Anyway over the last couple of weeks his sensory issues have got worse - lots more hand slapping of his thighs and stomach etc. His tantrums are getting worse if he can't get his own way, he shouts over people, is very egocentric, shouts out and makes strange noises and his back chatting and rudeness has increased. (He has done this before and overcome it then regressed again). Even when told off or disciplined he just cannot seem to keep his mouth closed! He's always been spirited shock but its on a different level now. We had a very difficult spell November time, put it down to adjusting to school (which was very hard for him but since Christmas he has been lots better) and since the beginning of the month it has got worse again. He doesn't seem to care about the threat of consequences but kicks off when they are actually carries out. From being consistently in green/silver/gold on school's zone board a few weeks ago, he's now hovering around green and occasionally going into orange. All I can put it down to (apart from the house again which should soon be finished probably within 2 weeks) is his friend had been off school for about ten days. He isn't a great role model for DS as is constantly in trouble, lashes out etc, but DS really likes him. Although he will follow this boy at the same time he knows his behaviour is naughty. Since said boy has been off ill though ds's behaviour has got worse. It may be sheer coincidence but its all I can think of. He also has to have a lamp on at night following some nightmares but I think the brightness is waking him early and so he's not getting as much sleep as he needs. I'm coming round to the idea he may have autistic traits but definitely has sensory issues. He also sees a chiropractor who I think is working wonders, as he goes in so tense and comes out calm. However his last 2 visits have made little difference to him. I rely on these visits as for me it's something positive I can focus on in what sometimes can be very difficult and upsetting days.

Sorry for long post! I guess what I'm asking for is advice. I have looked into weighted therapy and wondered whether anyone has any experience of using weighted lap belts with dc? I know further assessment leading to a diagnosis can and will take a whole (anyone know how long??) but I want to try some things out at home in the short term to see if it makes a difference whilst we embark on this new journey.

tigersmummy Sat 25-May-13 12:41:05


PolterGoose Sat 25-May-13 13:08:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MareeeyaDoloures Sat 25-May-13 13:53:42

If you see a paediatrician, you might be offered melatonin to try for insomnia. It's freely available from the health supplement shelves in normal stores like Wal-Mart in America, but here is considered an exotic, unlicensed and unproved medicine hmm.

Anyway, ds1's paediatrician suggested we try it, and (despite my scepticism) it was amazing. Being able to get to sleep has been lifechanging for ds1 (and us grin).

MareeeyaDoloures Sat 25-May-13 13:56:49

School or GP can get an occupational therapist in (or you could, some areas have self-referrals on the NHS, or do it privately). And perhaps don't underestimate how much good work his unruly friend might be doing with him. Sometimes the chalk and cheese friendships are mutually beneficial.

Hallybear79 Sun 26-May-13 21:41:31

Your son sounds very much like mine. He's been referred to CAMHS but hasn't been seen yet. I've not thought about weight therapy but will keep an eye on your post to see what peoples responses are.

tigersmummy Tue 28-May-13 22:54:26

Thanks for all your replies. We've just got a letter from CAMHS asking us to confirm we want to go ahead with an assessment appointment - less than a week after getting a copy of the referral so pretty impressed so far. I'd love to try something out myself re weighted therapy but I'm sadly lacking on that front. SIL and MIL are good at making things like that but apart from a handful of close friends we haven't advertised DS' potential issues. So many well intentioned people will only try and reassure by dismissing his traits which won't actually be that helpful. But I did use the rucksack idea at the weekend and he was more grounded with it.

Does anyone have any experience of the next stage with CAMHS? Our ed psych said she would hope he was seen by a range of professionals ideally within the school environment. I think tiredness has been a factor these last couple of weeks as the first 4 days (apart from a blow up today which on reflection I could have worked to avoid) he has been golden. Sunshine and showers wink

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