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trouble eating

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2shoes Wed 24-May-06 11:40:11

dd is 11 and has cp
Just spoken to DS's class nurse. It seems there are some concerns about her having fits when she is eating. they are trying to decide if she has a fit because she is having problems eating,
It seems the way she eats has changed and she is using her tongue a lot more. The S.A.L.T has observed her eating and think she is having problems with different constancy. they are now trying her on mashed food.
Bit annoyed as the S.A.L.T never rang me as I would have been able to point out that her back teeth have been ground down and this might be causing it !
So looks like consultant will contact me to arrange a review. I am going to ask for it to happen after half term as this will allow me time to really look at her eating. also her class nurse is away for 2 weeks and I would like her to be there.
Has anyone had any experience in this

2shoes Wed 24-May-06 17:43:02


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