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Special needs cot bed

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sparklesandbling Fri 24-May-13 11:53:04


We have DD who has epilepsy SLD and hypermobility. She has seizures at night time as well as during day. We currently have a special needs cot bed on loan from stores but are looking for a permanent bed for her.

OT is involved and 7 months down the line we still have temp bed. We have had 2 reps from different companies in re beds. We found a bed and quotes all went to OT. OT has done nothing as the bed we want is 6 thousand more than the one she wanted us to have.

Got a call a couple of days ago and they have a suitable?? bed in stores (not one we wanted) but was told that we would need to go into the mix with 4 other families waiting for a bed. Worst off child would get the bed.

My question is what is the process? Do we have to wait our turn or as we are in loaner bed do they order u a suitable bed?

It is a matter of time before DD learns to climb out of bed and OT knows this.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

decaffwithcream Sun 26-May-13 20:03:14

Don't know how to advise you about OT but have you looked at these beds? Largest one is still a whole lot cheaper than you're looking at and they are not possible to climb out of.

They are used for adults so are attractive to OTs and funding boards as the child is not going to grow out of them.

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