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experiences with mediket/ritalin

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Hai1988 Thu 23-May-13 14:05:29

Hi my son who's 7.8 had just been prescribed mediket/ritalin for his adhd,just wondered what peoples experiences have been with this medication.

streakybacon Thu 23-May-13 16:47:53

They're all a bit different and each individual will respond to them differently.

Ds started off on Equasym immediate release but they stopped making it (just had slow release which didn't suit him) so we tried Medikinet for a while but it wasn't very effective. Consultant psych said that the most effective brand was Ritalin and he wasn't very positive about generic methylphenidate.

It takes a few days to settle into taking it so if he's only just started you might need to be patient till he adjusts to it.

BeeMom Thu 23-May-13 21:35:48

We tried Bee with methylphenidate, but found that when the doses wore off, it almost seemed that she was trying to fit a day's worth of activity and impulsivity into 2-3 hours and she was absolutely manic. The school loved it for her, but they were not dealing with the fallout.

It turned out to be an unnecessary argument, because it turned out that stimulant medication is contraindicated for one of the conditions she has, and so we wold have had to discontinue its use anyways.

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