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How can sensory needs be addressed?

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popgoestheweezel Wed 22-May-13 17:05:48

Just completed Short Sensory Profile for ds and results show very low scores in auditory filtering, auditory sensitivity, low energy/weak, & under responsive/seeks sensation.
So just wondering what we do about this, we have a meeting at school tomorrow so it'd be great for ideas to help there too. We have already noted that the hall seems to be a problem to him probably from an auditory point of view. He scores 8 on under responsive/seeks sensation so very low there.

PolterGoose Wed 22-May-13 17:42:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lougle Wed 22-May-13 17:53:17

You need an OT to suggest strategies.

Things for sensory seeking behaviour tend to be high input before activities, such as deep pressure massage on joints, sometimes body brushing, carrying heavy backpacks, moving stacks of books across a room, etc. All stuff that reinforces to the brain, where the joints are in the body. That stops the wibbling and rocking, which is trying to achieve the same thing.

Weighted blankets/lap pads can be helpful also.

Sensory issues in the hall - it may be as simple as ensuring that he is sat at the front of the hall directly in front of the speaker, so that he isn't distracted by everything around him.

popgoestheweezel Wed 22-May-13 18:43:49

He was referred for OT but there is no one in our county qualified for sensory processing so we would have to go private for formal assessment.
I think in the hall it is auditory as CT says he puts hands over his ears. He has a wobble cushion but when he uses it he puts it on his head to distract others so that kind of defeats the purpose.

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