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NAS Make School Make Sense Campaign

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Davros Tue 23-May-06 15:16:10

Someone I know is doing a blog for this campaign! I will try to get info on how to access it.
MEDIA COVERAGE:Tonight at 8.30 BBC Radio 4's The Learning Curve will be interviewing Gillian Roberts, Principal of The Robert Ogden School about autism and education and will be flagging the NAS education campaign.
Tomorrow morning on GMTV the campaign will be flagged in news bulletins around the following times: 6am, 6.30, 7am, 7.30 8am - (though not on all of these) The piece will feature Amanda Batten talking about the campaign and mother of 3 children Sam Hilton
ITV lunchtime news will interview Jane Asher and Campaign manager Clare Corbett from around 12.45 - 1pm and will also feature Sam Hilton.
Children from BBC Newsround will interview Mike Collins on the campaign at 5.25
Tell the Secretary of State for Education, Alan Johnson MP to support the make school make sense campaign. here
You may be shocked to learn that:Over 40% of children with autism have been bullied at school
1 in 110 children have autism but there is no requirement for teachers to undertake any training in autism
Over 70% of schools are dissatisfied with the level of their teachers’ training in autism
Over 25% of children with autism have been excluded from school.
The National Autistic Society has launched a new education campaign and our demands are simple: the right school for every child, the right training for every teacher, and the right approach in every school.
We need your help to ensure that all children with autism get the education they deserve.
To find out more about the make school make sense campaign visit moreinfo

Please forward this info to your friends.

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