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How would you handle this?

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hoxtonbabe Tue 21-May-13 09:39:36

Eldest DS didn't have these issues when the same age as my little DS as his needs were clear cut so they actually forced a statement on him ( gone are those days!) so for those whom are aware of my issues with the eldest, this issue is new territory for me.

Youngest DS has some speech difficulties as well as some language difficulties. Admittedly on the tests the percentiles are within the low average range, however when he was seen by the independent therapist that spent 2 full days with him, she expressed in her report about these issues and although she is aware that the tests say A, in reality and everyday talk/thinking he is B so need to take everything into account rather than just the numbers and he has not made progress since his last Assessment.

This has been an issue with him for some years and was receiving direct therapy via NHS at his nursery. He made progress and they discharged him. The therapist that was seeing him at nursery said of there is no progress get school to refer, other professinals that were working with him said same thing.

In the last year my sons delay has increased by 7 months and his other speech difficulties have not progressed and even I have difficulty understanding him at times. I have pointed out to his school all the paperwork stating if he does not make progress to ask for referal, the school are basically refusing to refer dispite my DS still struggling.

I can't get my head around this..why the school would not want to refer ( if nothing else so they can say they tried) considering he has no progressed is beyond me. That's not to say the SLT dept will reopen his caseload, but as I said then atleast the school can say " well we did our bit"

It's actually as if they are actively blocking him from even being looked at?!?

zzzzz Tue 21-May-13 11:19:44

You can self refer to SALT in most areas or through GP. Why not just get the ball rolling yourself?

What input o you want him to have at this stage?

Are they putting anything in place in the classroom already?

WilsonFrickett Tue 21-May-13 11:45:51

Self refer, he'll still be on their files and it should be just a case of phoning them up. If not, go through GP. You don't need school to refer.

And once you've got that done (you'll need to wait to see someone obvs) start putting together a plan for school. Who said they wouldn't refer? CT? HT? is there a SENCO?

hoxtonbabe Tue 21-May-13 15:12:27

All of em ( CT, SLT and HT) are saying school can do it, but then not actually doing it when I express the ongoing issues.

The senco actually sent me the papers for them to refer then HT decided to discuss my independent report with link SLT whom despite not actually seeing my son in any sort of formal capacity apparent advised the school on what to do but only told them to focus what was the lowest centile scores rather than what the overall report says/recommends, so no need to refer.

I has to remind HT that the document I have him was my personal property that I did not give permission to disclose to people whom in effect at this stage have no permission to work with my son, however if you are going to do this I expect it to be colabarative and transparent and not behind my back, he went on to say that is the norm with schools, yet in the email previous he says the SLT or any external parties willget involved until I give permission....funny how the rules change according to your needs/wants.

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