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emma moans, does this honestly sound like a stomach upset ffs

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emmalou78 Tue 23-May-06 11:08:22

Sorry people, need a grumble.

elijahs not well, he keeps falling asleep, the house is tidy, all he wants is cuddles, he won't eat unless he's fed, he's just drinking enough for me not to worry... Since the weekend everytime he's had a wee afterwards his legs shake which I thought was a bit odd, then this morning I took him to the loo and he was almost doubled up and afterwards had a full scale nuclear tantrum, 15 minutes of non stop screaming flinging himself around, I have no idea what he's done to me but my arm is very very sore, I've got bruises and scratches, so I though I should probably go to the Dr, as it could be that he's in pain...

So managed to get a double appointment [I've been ill for 3 weeks, thought I should get checked over as I'm coughing up yellow and green crud] and I've got a virus and should be better in 3 weeks [which is good, its not like teh lack of sleep and hte coughing up crap and coughing till I'm sick is exhausting me tooo much]Then he had a look at elijah, almost saw his throat, poked hte glands in his stomach area, asked if he'd been sick in the past week, [yes about a tablespoonful on saturday] and had he had any loose motions [once yesterday] after that his conclusion was that he has a stomach bug, that was it I tried to explain that if I thought he hada stomach upset I wouldn't have come ut it was this mornigns performance that had got e extremely worried, except I started cryinglike a silly cow, then proceeded to cough everywhere, anywya now I have to get a urine sample from elijah to see if he might need antibiotics.. thats going to be fun, here's hoping he'll consent to the potty!

He's at the peaditrician tomorrow, and if the weirdness after a wee carries on today i might well just ask her to have a look at him.

sorry just needed to vent, I need ot get my head together and see if I can convince the boy wondet ot eat somehting before teh SALT arrives at 2!

matnanplus Tue 23-May-06 12:48:14

Thinking of you both emmalou, it sounds to me like he might have a urine/kidney infection, the symtoms you describe fit my sister in her younger years.

I would certainly ask your pead to have a look see, i'm assuming elijah knows pead better than gp? so might be more settled.

emmalou78 Tue 23-May-06 13:54:46

I thought it was a UTI when I went, but the chocolate saucepan masquerading as a GP seemed quite sure it was a stomach upset.

Now I've managed to get the little sod to drink and have a wee its the healthiest looking wee ever, so I just bet itll come back fine, and this will be yet another frigging viral illness that nothing can be done about... I was hte same till I was 22, agonising pain inmy kidneys, fevers,the shakes, put on anti biotics bythe GP, send off a sample and they always came back clear...

something else I've noticed is when he wee's he gets little dip in his groin.. is that from trying really hard to wee or somehting I should worry about?

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