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Is this a battle worth fighting or not?

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supermum98 Sun 19-May-13 22:51:01

Now confirmed that Senco of Secondary my ds is moving up to, won't put him on SEN register (posted before about Action v. Action Plus) They go on descriptor lists in Oxfordshire, he doesn't qualify it seems because his reading skills are too good and he is on track to get 4C's in SAT's. He has 3 x SPLD's, one is very significant processing speed 4th percentile. Have been told by everyone including IPSEA that descriptor lists unlawful, as is what PP said that he has to be 2 years behind. I can't show attainment gap is widening, does anyone know what point of the COP I can use in my defense. Who will defend me if PP won't? Will Secondary be quick enough to pick up widening attainment gap? I am worried for him though have been persuaded by current Head that may be some advantages in going in not on SENS register ie. without a label. What is worrying have just been offered a chat with form tutor and Head of year, but no paper trail will follow him. I suspect the chat will have marginal benefits. What should I do? Given going on Action will also be of marginal benefit, it this a case of pick my battles and given waiting for final statement my other ds, with GOd knows what taken out, should I let it go for a quiet life? What risks are there to my ds2?

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 20-May-13 12:04:18

Have the chat, put the outcomes of that chat in an email, thus creating your own papertrail. Make sure the date and time are clear.

But I can't help wondering what you think you will gain?

MareeeyaDoloures Mon 20-May-13 16:51:15

Making a 'papertrail' follow him is easy.

Get a full copy of his primary school file now (including all his interim levels, internal reading tests etc), let him get settled, make appt with SENCO and kindly wink present her with a set of duplicates.

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