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Got Tribunal Decision

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CheeseToasty Sat 18-May-13 13:46:38

Well I got tribunal decision today. Everything has more or less been met in the middle. I know I should be pleased but I feel slightly deflated. We were not asking for much and this could have easily been sorted out without tribunal. For example we ask 25 hours support rather than the 15 offered. We now have 20.

Ineedmorepatience Sat 18-May-13 14:21:55

Congrats anyway, at least your dc is going to be getting some support. Hope he/she gets on ok smile

rosielou678 Sat 18-May-13 14:40:42

Congrats on getting some support. The system stinks. Why should we have to go through this for our precious children?

It's a bit early, but have an extra large glass (or 2) of wine! wine wine

CheeseToasty Sat 18-May-13 15:31:20

Thank you. I am feeling a little less deflate now:-). When I think about how I would have felt it the panel had agreed with LA. I just can't help think about how much time and money has gone into this from both parties.

Hope things are going well for you Rosie?

Summerloading Sat 18-May-13 15:34:34

Congratulations flowers, well done. It can take a little time to sink in, but give yourself a little pat on the back for fighting for your dc.

You have won this battle, and support can be extended at the next Annual Review.

Well done again smile

rosielou678 Sat 18-May-13 15:46:57

Going ok CheeseToasty. I went into total meltdown last night. But feeling better for it!

sweetteamum Sat 18-May-13 20:14:48

Well done on what you did manage to get. I understand your frustration as no doubt i'd feel exactly the same. Your fight has got your DC some extra hours smile

inappropriatelyemployed Sat 18-May-13 20:28:29

Good for you Cheese but I so understand your frustration and I seriously hope you did not have to spend too much money fighting for this.

I don't know how these people live with themselves. I'd rather work in McDs than spend all day shafting children.

CheeseToasty Sat 18-May-13 20:49:09

Thanks. I am wondering if I should have spent a little more and brought more witnesses.

I really wish I could do more to change the system. Not just for my child but for others too. I feel so powerless. I don't know how parents stand a chance if they don't pay for independent reports? All other evidence is out of date because of the 6 month timescale.

Now I have to wait for the new statement which by the look of it will not be around till the next school year.

Thank you all for your advice throughout this journey.

inappropriatelyemployed Sat 18-May-13 20:52:47

It is disgraceful Cheese and it fills me with such anger and I can access information and find funds to fight if necessary. How many children are being abjectly failed? It's a nightmare twilight zone.

At least we have each other!!

MareeeyaDoloures Sun 19-May-13 00:49:02

I doubt more witnesses would have helped much.

Sounds like the panel were determined to make you 'meet in the middle'

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 20-May-13 11:59:02

Hi Cheese,
I would be deflated at that outcome too, though a well done and congratulations are hugely deserved for what you have acheived.

The reason I would be deflated, is because presumably you believed you had enough evidence for what you were asking for, which is why you were putting yourself through it.

I wonder at my first tribunal, whether I should have got a top barrister instead of an advocate, but the truth is it wouldn't have made any difference. The evidence for our case was clear. The panel chose not to heed it. The system allows that. More money would have simply been more money wasted.

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