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Oh lord, is it really only monday?

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emmalou78 Mon 22-May-06 19:29:09

God I can't wait for bedtime.

Elijah has the medical with a Pead as part of his statutory assessment today, he wasn't examined, she didn't even try and engage him, he was in 100% autistic mode, hanging upside down from a chair laughing maniacally into a mirror, thrwing footballs into my face, escaping, not making eye contact having a huge battle of the wills over a plastic spine, so they have seen the agression when thwarted first hand, and I have a lumpy bruise where he pinched and scratched me! and he escaped twice, in 20 minutes and ran around stimming... he was living proof that he is not at a functioning level high enough for mainstream, and teh Dr is more then happy to back me up on that one! [after clarifying that I have made that clear on the parents report - which I had,and to the Ed psych]. So yes, that was draining, but such a releif, normally he turns on the charm and smiles with huge beguling blue eyes, and they forget that he can't speak, is developmentally under 2 yrs old an dhas severe behaviour problems because he's just painfully enchanting.

Then after tea [and thats a whole other story that has my AS sensors pricked up over ds1 again]Dp decided we've had hell trying to get him to ask for a peice of chocolate, would he sign? would he hand over the pecs? has he drawn blood on me and dp? int he end it was a case of assisted exchange so he could have the chocolate and stop attacking me!

He's taken a step back lately and I don't know whats caused it, I don't think he's well, he keeps spiking a fever and isn't eating or drinking enough, so I'm reluctant to send him into preschool where he'll get overheated and dry out!

Heres to an easier rest of week, he's seeing the pead on wednesday and has SALT tomorrow.. now I'm going to plug the desk lamo in and get him ot shout so I can check his tonsils!

Davros Tue 23-May-06 15:27:42

Its Tuesday now, how are you today Emmalou?
Sounds like you've had a hell of a time.

Chocol8 Tue 23-May-06 16:50:27

I thought i'd had a bad day Emmalou - but you take the prize on that one!

How was today's SALT?

(Hi Davros!!)

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