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urgent help needed - statutory assessment request

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TICKLETUMBLE Thu 16-May-13 18:55:20 were making the application for statutory assessment, but have been advised by those in SEN leadership that parent application is more likely to be accepted and move to the next stage than the school application as DS is too capable academically(!!!!!!) The school request form has the statement of educational levels as the first item and apparently despite any other problems they would more than likely state 'no educational need', as he is very bright academically and technically on target for his age or advanced. This is only achieved by 1:1 support to get him to stay in the classroom and do the work or help him do it in break-times (or send it home), and a whole lot more support is needed for fine and gross motor skills development , social interaction skills, emotional literacy, adaptions for sensory integration issues etc. etc. that he does not get at the moment.

it was basically stated that their application would be questioned a lot and delays introduced.

So, my ASD/ADHD DS needs mummy to apply.

How much detail do they need with regard to what I think the problems are, and why the school cannot meet his needs? I am not an education expert to know why they cannot meet needs really, and the list of problems is significant....

I am very capable of giving them 10 pages of detail, but what do they really want to see...what WILL get things to the next stage?

your help is most appreciated.

Bryzoan Thu 16-May-13 20:19:41

Can't help much as I have a draft letter myself waiting to send... I have been quite brief (2 pages) but blunt about dd's needs. But our situation is different to yours in that she can't yet walk or talk and has a milder global delay. So I'm hoping it will be straightforward. Having said that I daren't take anything for granted and am showing it to our inclusion officer tomorrow before sending. She has been great and I believe will fully support us so I would like her feedback to make sure I don't somehow fluff it.

Bryzoan Thu 16-May-13 20:20:22

You could try calling ipsea for advice?

TICKLETUMBLE Thu 16-May-13 21:22:51

have a call booked with contact at parent partnership....she knows the way to describe the problems, the language to use etc. so have as water tight an application as possible.
using the Ipsea standard letter format...shows you have taken advice that way.

thanks.........its all a bit of a mystery really....

AnotherAlias Fri 17-May-13 16:23:01

hm - definitely speak to parent partnership as I applied for SA - and the LEA sent the school the same form that it would have to fill in if it was applying in its own right (so effectively you would have the same issue)....

beautifulgirls Fri 17-May-13 21:46:48

School will still have to fill in all the paperwork in response you your application anyway. I guess at least your concerns are read first this way but basically the school will still have to give all this info. What is important is to talk to the school and make sure they understand (when they fill in their bit) to emphasize how much support is already there, that he wouldn't cope without that support but that his levels are not appropriate with his ability even with the support given. If they are appropriate then it is important that you get across how things like his behaviour affects him and others around him (and when he gets home too) and if he has other needs such as social skills help, needs playtime supervision, needs OT and/or SALT etc.
Your request should basically say all of this stuff anyway, it can be as long or short as you need it to be. Send in any professional reports you have that can support your views about his needs too.

TICKLETUMBLE Sat 18-May-13 21:20:22

thanks!!!!!! Yep the parent partnership lady said the same least if i apply then I know its been done and it gives school a couple of weeks more to refine their input . The request is being made for behaviour issues, not learning difficulties as such, and the paperwork emphasises that. i think the school (the SENCO) are just a bit overwhelmed by it all, and they are getting conflicting advice.

I have written it, and it'll be posted tomorrow.

MareeeyaDoloures Sun 19-May-13 00:52:35

'Parent application is more likely to be accepted' translates to
'we think he needs a statement but the 'policy' says he doesn't and we don't want to get into trouble for intitiating it'.

TICKLETUMBLE Sun 19-May-13 03:27:49

Mareeeya - yes this probably true. We have already been advised by parent partnership that the new requirements for school to provide 15 hours 1:1 on school action plus will stall the process....but applying anyway........full time 1:1 (or a school more able to adjust to needs !!!) is what he needs at the moment.
Once in the system can appeal and be as difficult as possible until we get what DS needs............. what fun!

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