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ruty Mon 22-May-06 14:21:36

Hello jimjams, so sorry to call on you for advice when you have so much on your plate. For you or anyone else who might know, 20 month old ds managed to eat a whole cow's milk yoghurt whilst at a friend's today. he has never eaten dairy before because of his gut inflammation in the past and the advice to keep him off dairy and gluten to avoid development problems. Is one yoghurt likely to cause problems developmentally? And is it reversible if we stay on the dairy free gluten free diet? Bit annoyed and rather worried now - he's been doing so brilliantly recently. any advice gratefully received.

yoyo Mon 22-May-06 14:26:25

(This has nothing to do with your thread but hope you don't mind Ruty).
Jimjams - I very much appreciated your link to the film but I can't access it as my laptop is networked. I'm sure I spotted your email address on a thread but now can't find that either (wouldn't have hijacked this thread then). Would have loved to have seen it - may try when I visit my folks.

ruty Mon 22-May-06 14:47:10


Jimjamskeepingoffvaxthreads Mon 22-May-06 14:51:46

Message deleted

ruty Mon 22-May-06 14:56:56

thanks jimjams - truthfully i've been worried sick about him, worrying he is going to change in some way. sorry to bother you with it. I had no idea if it could do any lasting damage.

Jimjamskeepingoffvaxthreads Mon 22-May-06 15:00:38

I don't think so. Paul Shattock seems to think the problems arise if the opioids are affecting the brain when language is being learned etc.

Did you see the film ruty? It's very good- link on SN - short film about autism- it seems to be still online even though its part sunday.

ruty Mon 22-May-06 15:08:07

I'll have a look at it Jimjams. I guess he is learning language at the moment but i don't know if he's had enough to cause an opoid effect in the brain. Hopefully not.

ruty Mon 22-May-06 15:08:27

opioids even.

Jimjamskeepingoffvaxthreads Mon 22-May-06 15:28:03

ruty don't worry- he meant a long sustained "attack" from them, not a one off. Ds will be fine, honest, but don't be surprised if you get scremaing or stimming or spinning or something.

ruty Mon 22-May-06 15:59:54

thanks so much jimjams - you've kind of made the panic in my stomach calm down! He is throwing things around at the moment but i can't tell if that is because we can't go out because it is so wet or because of the yoghurt!

yoyo Tue 23-May-06 10:29:07

Jimjams - have just emailed you.

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