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OT - Re-elected councillor

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rosielou678 Wed 15-May-13 08:50:07

Apologies if this is off topic. And apologies if I'm not allowed to post this link.

Disabled row councillor Collin Brewer

This man enrages me. He resigned as a councillor a few months ago, only because of the media backlash caused by his outragous comments about disabled children. It was then widely reported that he was so upset (poor lamb) that he couldn't sleep at night (try endless sleepless nights with a disabled child).

So he's now a councillor again. If he was truly sorry, then he should educate himself about our precious children. Educate himself about disablity. Educate himself about the process for getting help for our children from lying dishonest LAs and their illegal practices. Educate himself about how are children are being denied an accessible education. Educate himself about 'the system'.

Rant over!

Yes, saw this earlier. Police are now involved. Shouldn't he be arrested for a hate crime against disabled people? Comparing disabled children to livestock who are disposed of by bashing their heads against the wall. angry What a fucking tosser.

UnChartered Wed 15-May-13 10:15:57

i think he's had plenty time to educate himself, he obviously has a very nasty side and will use his public position to show it.

he should not be given another chance to educate himself, he should be silenced.

dev9aug Wed 15-May-13 10:50:56

Don't forget the 355 idiots who voted him in....

UnChartered Wed 15-May-13 10:54:59

absolutely - they are arseholes too

coff33pot Wed 15-May-13 12:04:54

I was appalled the first time round and glad he resigned.

To vote him in a second time is madness in itself but that just goes to show to me the feelings of the general public in that area. Thankfully I dont live there sad

Have signed petition after petition to kick him out. Police should arrest him and charge him with prejudice but they wont we all know that. He has had a series of strokes and blamed them for his little outbursts. No excuse sorry.

First time insults on putting disabled children down was bad enough. But then to do it again comparing them to deformed lambs and what happens to the lambs on a farm. ie "bang gone" or smashing them against a wall (the lambs) Comparing them to the cost of public toilets that are being lost is disgusting, immoral and he is one low life individual that deserves ousting off this planet to one on his own!

Council issued a statement saying they dont condone his behaviour and this is entirely his comments alone. Great they feel that strongly why in hell does he still hold a position!!! angry

bochead Wed 15-May-13 14:28:08

I actually think it's a good thing when individuals declare themselves publicly - at least then your enemy is out in the open. The truly dangerous types are those that sigh and nod in apparent empathy on hearing your struggles before knifing you in the back. It's this second type that you don't see coming, that are by far the greatest threat.

My stance comes from witnessing the struggles of the anti-racism movement. I'm old enough to remember when Mandela, now revered as a Saint, was regarded as scum by the establishment, however I'll still never bank at Barclays wink

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