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pull-ups from incontinence service

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SqueakyCat Sun 21-May-06 20:21:55

My DS (age 3.5) is in pull-ups at night. The brands I've bought for him have all not been absorbent enough, leaving him sodden (PJs, bedding etc) in the morning (even wet a fwe hours after putting him to bed).
we were given a pack of pull-ups supplied to someone else by the NHS incontinence service, which worked fine. have now used them all up and (silly me) thrown away the packaging without remembering the name of the brand.
Any ideas? or other suggestions welcome.

Pixel Sun 21-May-06 20:36:19

We are just waiting for ds's pull-ups to arrive but the sample one we were sent (to check size) said Huggies dri-nites on the packet. It didn't look like Huggies you would buy in the supermarket but was just plain white. Does that ring a bell?

SqueakyCat Sun 21-May-06 20:42:22

Thanks, Pixel. It wasn't those.
Think I found it on a thread on 'nappies' forum: Libero - which does ring a bell. WWB said she couldn't buy them anywhere though, I googled and couldn't find them (there were a couple of sellers on ebay). Will also try dri-nites which were reccomended on WWB's thread. Will also try asking helpful HV (honestly!) to beg local incontinence service (who have an age limit of 4, so we can't officially access them). I don't really mind paying, am just fed up of buying ones that DON'T WORK.
DS not really dry in the day (though wears pants) so night-time training is clearly not on the agenda.

cat64 Sun 21-May-06 20:47:28

Message withdrawn

SqueakyCat Sun 21-May-06 20:57:53

cat64: as I said - I don't mind buying from somewhere - I just want some that WORK, and they are the only ones that have. Am v frustrated if I can't find any that keep him dry that I can buy even though I know there are some that do work for us. I know he does a LOT of wee during the night.
DS does have SN, we get DLA etc, but I know lots of children at this age are in night-time nappies, so I'm not objecting to paying - just all the ones I've bought so far LEAK for us.

cat64 Sun 21-May-06 21:06:13

Message withdrawn

SqueakyCat Sun 21-May-06 21:18:59

argh - the 'system'. I'm surprised that nowhere sells them, though. Would have thought some disability products shop would do this. So we have another 6 mo of wet beds and then enter the system that provides enough Libero pull-ups to last till he's at university?
Thanks (sorry if sound ratty, have already changed bed, pjs etc once, despite him weeing in loo just before bed). I do feel that there must be an answer.

geekgrrl Sun 21-May-06 21:23:04

yes, they are Libero - dd gets them. You can buy them in supermarkets in other European countries, so fingers crossed you can find a UK supplier?
Failing that, I found Morrison's pull-ups to be identical, but you might struggle to find larger sizes. Maybe they could order them in for you?

SqueakyCat Sun 21-May-06 21:30:24

ah-ha - maybe I can get DH to import them on his international business trips (returning with laptop, smart suit and a month's supply of nappies?)
Will also check out Morrisons - DS's not a huge 3.5 yr old, so size likely to be in stock, I hope.
Thanks geekgrrl.

CappucinoInABadMood Mon 22-May-06 14:36:30

hi - don't know if this will help but my dd had specially made cloth pull-ups when she was four

I got them from the lovely minki lady - she makes special nappies for special needs children and is really lovely if you call or email her with your requirements

if you're looking long-term it might be a cheaper option, and washing a couple of cloth pull-ups is, in my experience, a lot less hassle than washing all the bedding

she's the best contact I can give you having been in this situation myself

Bumblelion Mon 22-May-06 16:42:43

I get my DDs from the incontinence service and they are in a lilac packaging and are called Libero.

I have currently got 675 nappies and about 370 pull ups and, as of last Thursday, my DD is now wearing knickers during the day (no accidents so far).

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