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reports needed for statement process

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blossbloss Tue 14-May-13 14:44:42


DD(8) received a diagnosis of DAMP last week and already has a diagnosis of DCD. She has yet to have a formal Dyslexia assessment but her school and we both feel she is displaying Dyslexic tendencies and the current plan is to assess her in year 5 prior to secondary transfer.

She is also under NHS assessment for ASD. We have an appointment booked with Daphne Keen during the summer holidays to try to speed this process up as its taken a year so far and we are no closer to a diagnosis.

DD also has a diagnosis of separation anxiety and school phobia and has a history of school refusal.

Having finally managed to get the DAMP diagnosed after a very long battle, we are assessing what to do next. DD is currently in year 3 in a small private school with an SEN unit but it doesn't have a senior school so she will need to transfer somewhere at the end of year 6. We would like to try to get her statemented prior to this to give us some options as we don't know if we will be able to afford to keep her in private education or if there will be a suitable school willing to take her.

What would people advise us to do next? DD has yet to see an Ed Psych so I would assume this is a logical next step. Should we do this before applying for a statement? If so, are there any recommendations of the "best" Ed Psych to see? We have a mixture of NHS and private SALT, OT and Physio reports as well as CAMHs ones. Are there any other professionals we need to see before/while applying for a statement?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/ideas you may have

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