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private assessments in school, any experiences?

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Handywoman Mon 13-May-13 16:11:29

I am trying to organize an private professional to do an ASD diagnostic assessment of dd2. This chap has already been super helpful. He would like to observe dd2 in school, preferably in the afternoon when time is less structured, and speak to her teacher for about 30mins. This in addition to carrying out the ADOS and ADI-R.

School refused to allow an in-school observation, stating they feel they 'cannot accommodate' it.

Then the SENCO called me in to tell me she is trying to find a way round it. She explained the objections from HT, which are:

1. Costs of getting a supply teacher to cover the teacher time. Apparently prohibitive, even though the SENCO has offered to talk to this professional instead (ergo the SENCO could surely stand in for the teacher for 30mins while the teacher liaised with the professional, or am I going mead?).

2. Private professionals have, in the past, criticised the teaching observed and, as an LEA, Herts [stop snickering in the back row!] are trying to protect their teachers by not allowing private professionals in, as a rule. No idea if this is true of sheer fantasy.

3. HT feels she could not ask teachers to liaise out of school time e.g. after school because of NUT work-to-rule union guidance.

I am interested in a straw poll of others' experiences of trying to set up similar in-school observations by private people. Is this the kind of thing everyone is up against or do I read between the lines and conclude the HT just has about as much interest in helping identify the context of my dd2's needs as I have in seeing what it's like to stick my finger in an electric mains socket?

Your experiences/thoughts, please........

cansu Mon 13-May-13 20:22:40

They are being very defensive. Perhaps you or the professional could make clear that the report will not comment on the teaching or support provided to your dd but is solely concerned with your dd and the difficulties she has. I have managed to get profs in to dd school. The consultant was always über charming and was careful not to criticise school. She made suggestions but always seemed to keep everyone sweet. Dd nursery who were very suspicious and defensive initially loved her in the end. If this is sole.y to diagnose your dd then I would go with this approach. Asking teacher to talk to professional should not be an issue unless school are defensive and worried about what they are doing. Could professional ask teacher to complete questionnaire so they have time to reflect on their answers and perhaps will feel less concerned about making comments.

Handywoman Mon 13-May-13 20:56:27

Thanks cansu. School has already happily filled in a questionnaire for this guy. Their fourth since Sept (dd2 also under CDC awaiting ADOS). It seems allowing private people across the threshold is the sticking point. I can't figure why I have been given so very many itty bitty reasons why it should not happen. It's all so 'school oriented' and not in the least oriented to the needs of my or any other children. As you say, very defensive.

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