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Tooth decay/possible cavity - how to deal with this?

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Trigglesx Sun 12-May-13 15:54:01

yes, I know by going to dentist. But with DS2, how are we supposed to deal with this? He barely managed a basic exam (with no instruments) to count his teeth. He will never get through a filling without being put under general anaesthetic. Never.

I am also dealing with a huge amount of anger over this. DH does his bedtime routine and is constantly forgetting or skipping brushing his teeth. But he refuses to give in and just allow me to do the stupid bedtime routine, which baffles me as he rushes through it and complains the whole time anyway. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr When I've just said "right, I'm doing this" then he gets stroppy and an argument ensues. So anyway, DS2 has not been getting nightly tooth brushing. Morning is difficult as he goes to a breakfast club and eats there just before school. But this is just what I was worried about when I've been telling DH over and over again to brush his teeth. I could just scream in frustration! And if I say "why the hell couldn't you brush his teeth like you should have, then maybe this wouldn't have happened?" then he will get stroppy and another row will happen.

But anyway... anyone else's child have any special measures taken with tooth fillings?

God, I did not need this stress. And I need to register him with a different dentist as well, as I am not happy with the dental work done by the one we're currently with. I don't want them NEAR DS2's teeth.

PolterGoose Sun 12-May-13 17:25:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

I don't know of any local SN friendly dentists, but if he's going to need GA, you'd be better off in hospital, TBH. Poor old DS. sad

Trigglesx Sun 12-May-13 18:06:52

Polter We do have a timetable - a bedtime routine list printed (and laminated) on the wall of the bathroom and DS2's bedroom - but DH never LOOKS at it. Even when I remind him. Then he gets growly and says he forgot. It drives me nuts. If I don't say anything, he'll space it out and not do it - if I DO remind him, then I'm nagging. hmm

EllenJane I don't know if they'll do it under GA, tbh, but I can't see him cooperating AT ALL. He can barely tolerate the toothbrush in his mouth or sit still that long, there's no way he'll manage a filling.

Tiggles Sun 12-May-13 18:10:05

DS2 recently needed a filling. It was fairly minor, it literally took 2mins to do, no need for an injection, she just rubbed a filling onto his tooth.

Otherwise, my friend's (non-SN) daughter had massive tooth problems, she was born with no enamel I think. She used to have to go to a specialist hospital in the nearest big city an hour or two away to get her daughter's teeth sorted. She was one of the only patients they saw who didn't have special needs, so they would have been well geared up towards patients with autism etc.

hazeyjane Sun 12-May-13 18:24:51

Dd2 is nt, but has a massive fear of the dentists, thanks to a bloody awful woman we went to see once, who put the fear of god into her. She is 7, has acid reflux and a wheat allergy - both of witch have contributed to teeth problems, A couple of weeks ago she had 5 teeth out (2 decaying 3 to make spacefor new teeth). She had it done at a specialist dental hospital (nhs), under GA. They were fantastic, and she was fine, amazingly she saw our family dentist last week and she was so much more relaxed with him.

Ds has hypoplastic teeth (most with very little enamel and the back molars have none), he already has signs of decay on his back teeth, and he isn't 3 yet. I brush his teeth 3 times a day, and have done since he was 4 months old and his first tooth started to come through. It is as a result of his genetic condition, severe acid reflux, poor oro motor skills and the amount of antibiotics he has had.

Our dentist has referred us to the same hospital that dd1 has just been to, as they have a sn dentist there. Our dentist said they have techniques to help deal with children with sensory issues and a variety of problems, and use sedation in difficult cases.

The one thing I would say is that the process with dd1 was very slow, it tooks month before the appointment for the op came through, so if you need to see someone, get the ball rolling now.

hazeyjane Sun 12-May-13 18:25:34

That should have been dd1 (only 2 of my 3 children have horrendous teeth ptroblems!!)

moosemama Sun 12-May-13 18:31:01

I would definitely check out whether or not your PCT has a SN dentist.

Ds2 went to see our SN dentist a couple of weeks ago and they were brilliant. They have all sorts of special equipment to make things easier and quicker eg, no drills, and are used to handling all sorts of different SNs, including children who have oral sensory issues. They will have come across this problem countless times before and know what to do.

I chatted to them about ds1 and they agreed to see him based on that alone, regardless of his ASD dx.

You do have to be referred to them, but it's just done via your HV, GP - or as in ds2's case, OT.

hazeyjane Sun 12-May-13 18:36:46

I meant to add, dd1's dentist has suggested a sealing treatment on her teeth to help protect them - I think it consists of something being painted on tooth, then a laser fired at it (!). this creates a shell around the tooth. I realise your ds would probably need this to be done under ga/sedation, but it might be something to enquire about.

Also your dentist should be able to refer you to sn dentist.

MareeyaDolores Sun 12-May-13 19:42:56

Special toothbrush, the
Brush your teeth before breakfast campaign might help. And maybe your dh was worried by this story wink

MareeyaDolores Sun 12-May-13 19:54:35

The key to success with GPs can be a doctor kit at home. For our dentist, we made lots of trips just to say hi and open our mouths to the lady at the desk assistant dentist.

Would dental mirrors be any good? (Not for the filling, obviously, but for making the next examination easier)

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