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Ed pysch wanted everyone busy with tribunals. Recommendation required.

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2006hildy Sun 12-May-13 15:48:46

I am hoping you know of availability as everyone is busy with tribunals or could you recommend someone else please?

Can you assess my son please? High Functioning Autism Delayed expressive language, sensory processing disorder.

I would like a quote please for expert advise assessment to be used in Appealing Refusal to Assess Tribunal dated /07/13

Their reasons:" The Panel acknowledge your parental concerns that ds is not making progress and that you understand that his progress is affected by his difficulties associated with Autism, however the Panel noted from the evidence submitted that ds is making progress both academically and socially with the support that has been put in place.

Based on the evidence considered by the Panel ds's difficulties do not appear to be impacting on his learning and academic attainment levels. The levels reported within the documentation provided as part of the request for Statutory Assessment show that he is making academic progress and is responding to the interventions put in place.

there has to be strong evidence that your son is underperforming to a very significant level Here are the National Curriculum P scales:

He has very limited language and communication skills and is currently functioning around P 7-8 for comprehension and P 5-6 for use of language. DS has severely delayed verbal comprehension and his auditory attention towards language is extremely limited. His attainment in language and communication is at a similar level to his attainment levels in other areas of learning: Number P6; Shape and Space P5; Reading P8, Writing P8.

and/or is exhibiting significant behaviour difficulties.
DS appears to have significant sensory processing difficulties which impact on his responsiveness in different settings and which need to be well understood by all those working with him.

Has the LA EP done an assessment?
/04/12 and Due /05/13

How long has your son been on School Action Plus SEN support at school.
Since 07/2009

What is his writing like?
Writing P8.

And his reading comprehension?
P 7-8 for comprehension

Have these been independently assessed?
No can you recommend anyone?

Do you have SALT reports saying that he needs SALT support in school?
Yes independent x 1 and numerous NHS

What sort of SALT programmes are in place?
DS is known to the local NHS SLT services and monthly school visits are scheduled by the therapist. She uses this time to observe his progress, meet with staff and feedback her observations. She updates his language and communication targets and provides advice on use of strategies and materials in order to meet the updated targets.

Are you also getting an independent SALT report?

Yes dated /05/13 available.

I look forward to hearing from you.

dev9aug Sun 12-May-13 18:06:57

2006hildy you might want to repost without the letter as there is quite a lot of information which could identify you in real life.

Also it might help if you post who you have contacted so far.
This is an old thread which lists names of some EP's. contact them and see if any of them might be able to fit you before the tribunal.

MareeyaDolores Sun 12-May-13 19:34:21

The levels and dates need to come out. The LA drivel about not needing assessment must be cut and pasted from something, it looks suspiciously (word-for-word) like ours, and I'm sure we're a different county grin

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