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Tomato soft touch liners. Any experience?

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sneezecakesmum Sat 11-May-13 21:28:27

I am thinking of getting these for DGS age 4 to fit into a comfy child's chair and to give him the support the chair lacks. He flops to one side and he will extend backwards, pushing his pelvis. He can support his head and trunk. No spasticity but fluctuating tone. He has a triton chair for nursery and the jenx chair has gone back from home as its outgrown, and tbh used half a dozen times in two years as he got so hot in it from extending back.

He sits better in my breezi with a seat2go insert than most things. He has a childrite from America which is good for him, it's a giant bumbo, but we are thinking comfy. Please don't mention p pod as we want him to use his hands and p pods look to me to be a lovely comfy seat to do nothing in except relax and watch TV and he does that when he is fed.grin. Is the soft touch seat hollowed out to stop sliding forward? Do the side supports come out enough to give good support?

Tooloudhere Sun 12-May-13 12:59:06

I haven't got the liners but have the tomato sitter and rate it very highly. Ds finds it comfortable, he sits well in it. We got the base aswell which is wooden and doesn't scream special needs. On the base it can recline a bit and would be comfy for tv watching if required!, it can also go completely upright and ds sits very well like this too and gives him good position to use his arms to play.
You can also take the sitter out and strap in to any chair which is good for eating out and visiting. Ds also has the ot provided big seat on high/low base but we use the tomato lots too.
We ruled the liners out as there is no harness only a lap strap and ds can not manage without chest harness/ laterals.

sneezecakesmum Sun 12-May-13 18:26:31

Thanks. I know the tomato sitter is brilliant, but with the base over £400 and i dont think we will get funding for it. the soft touch i can get for half that and maybe buy a seperate harness to fit into a cosy chair ?? Sooo difficult! We are just sick of the whole house looking like a therapy department sad I may even look at a chair being custom made and maybe the liners put in for the support. I'll contact the supplier tomorrow. smile

Ixashe Sun 12-May-13 18:47:36

We have the tomato sitter and love it. WE use it with the base, but its designed to be taken out and about so we don't take the wooden base to grandparents, etc. You can strap it to a dining chair, or just propped up against something and it works fine. The whole thing is £519, but I think the wooden base is about £300 and only £200 if you go for the seat on its own.

Tooloudhere Sun 12-May-13 19:33:26

We funded ours as ot had provided a chair for home and playgroup already. We were very undecided as to what to get but like you wanted something more comfy and less like his big chair on wheels. The bonus is being able to take it out.
For how you describe dgs I am not sure he would manage with the liners alone, if he extends a lot as they are in two parts I imagine he could force the whole arrangement apart? ds can sit unaided very briefly and we didnt think they would be enough for him.
Leckey are now distributing special tomato and when I spoke to them did a four week trial. You could always get the sitter and use it without a base it would cost no more than the liners. The sitter could be fastened to a child's chair too?

sneezecakesmum Mon 13-May-13 19:55:35

many thanks for the insight. We may go for just the seat and use it as an insert into a childs colourful chair. John preson have them but have a policy of charging 20% as handling fee if you return it. that would be around £40 plus postage, crackers. I will look at this again as I always liked the tomato sitter, but just wanted something that looked 'normal' for once sad But its got to be fit for purpose and the sitter alone isnt much more than the 2 liners.

sneezecakesmum Wed 15-May-13 20:52:05

Have decided on the sitter instead of the liners. Looked into ordering direct from america as it would still be cheaper even with exorbitant postage, but they wont ship because of contractural reasons with leckey!! Ripoff britain is where I live so its going to be £280!!

2old2beamum Wed 15-May-13 21:14:42

Hi oldsneeze can't you get funding from SS or NHS?

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