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anyone applied to family fund for garden work/ landscaping?

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kats3 Sat 11-May-13 01:00:49

thinking of putting a first application in to family fund (we get DLA middle rate care, lower rate mobility)

i've heard they can offer haven vouchers, and we could all do with a holiday, but wondered if we don't go for that option, what else can they cover?

one thing on our to do list is the back garden, and has been for many years, but the moneys always spent on something else we/the kids need more... we have got as far as the fencing, but im wondering if the FF would be able to cover some of it, such as laying a patio/ levelling the garden, so its safer for the kids to play.

Any info / ideas would be greatly appreciated as im really new to all this :-/

Thanks smile x

brownie1 Sun 12-May-13 11:35:38

We had a garden with several tiers and a very old conservatory at the top that was used as toy storage. Our 10 year old has epilepsy , development age of 3 year old but always wanted to play outside. We couldn't see him and it often made thinks difficult when trying to do dinner etc as we can't leave him unsupervised. Anyway we applied to the family fund for artificial grass and they gave us the money for it. We knocked down the conservatory and have laid the grass in its place. This has meant two things - we can still do dinner, ironing etc and still see him clearly and he can play out whatever the weather. So yes they will help with garden work. The one thing they did say to us though before they gave us the money was to check with occupational therapy to see if they could help in anyway because if they could help the family fund would still give us some money but for outdoor toys etc. (Artificial grass also means one less job as no lawn mowing required!)

AgnesDiPesto Sun 12-May-13 20:18:22

not used them myself but saw this on here before gardening for disabled

kats3 Mon 13-May-13 11:27:02

thank you so much Brownie1 smile

We have always planned to have a large slabbed area so the kids can play whatever the weather, but since my 9yr olds epilepsy started I really worry about him falling on the slabs and was wondering about artificial grass, and from what you have said it sounds like the ideal solution! Our kitchen also backs onto the garden, so would definitely make cooking easier too smile

I will have a look at the link too, thanks AgnesDiPesto smile

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