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Access Arrangements not being provided by school

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kalpamum Fri 10-May-13 12:06:03

My DD is now at high school (MS) yr 7. Was diagnosed with complex difficulties and was provided with a statement in Sept for high school. In yr 6 SAT's DD was allowed extra time, reader, rest breaks as recommended by private EP report. We had to fight school to allow this to happen but in the end got it and DD achieved level 3 literacy and 5 in Maths.

Now at high she is starting to take assessments and so far extra time has been provided but nothing else. I have emailed school on three occasions asking what access arrangements are in place but they seem to be ignoring this! On her IEP and statement is just states 'Access arrrangements'

DD came home yesterday upset as in a RE assessment she was told she did not need extra time. There were 20 questions and they had to choose 10 to answer. In a 30 minute test she only managed to answer 4. This exercise in my view was pointless as pupils allowed their books to look up info, more of a find the answer and copy out your knowledge. Hence DD didn't get very far with this due to her difficulties with reading/processing speed and copying difficulties.

How should I tackle school with this. She has two assessments next week, one being Maths and I know she will struggle without a reader. I know that these tests are not that important but if school are not provided the arrangements now we are going to struggle for the support in later years. Should I be insisting on the support NOW. Any suggestions welcome.

kalpamum Fri 10-May-13 16:33:27


eggandcress Fri 10-May-13 17:12:14

I think you should be insisting on support now as she needs it for her tests. Is it possible to telephone the SENCo as he/she would be responsible for ensuring theses arrangements were in place. The school should have a learning support department and they should be helping your dd. Have you had an annual review? Did you meet the SENCo at that? Perhaps the school has a staff list on the website with the departments/staff names listed?
I think you should push for the help your dd needs starting Monday!

mymatemax Fri 10-May-13 17:52:13

yes, it is something that needs sorting now. Even though these tests may not be important in terms of long term assessment it is essential that your dd is able to feel a sense of achievement and demonstrate her understanding.
If the school are failing to make reasonable adjustments to allow your dd to be able to access the curriculum (including assessments) equal to her non disabled peers then they are in breach of the DDA and could be held accountable in law.
Not to mention it is unkind & morally wrong to make a child struggle & suffer when they have been told what they can to to help.

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