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Help! Does my 3 and half year old have autism/ADHD?

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Katied28 Fri 10-May-13 10:34:27

My son is 3 and half and incredibly hard work! He doesn't play with any toys or watch any cartoon programes! Nothing grabs his attention other than banging spoons as though they were drumsticks, this goes on all day! We did buy him a drum kit but he just wrecked it! He's currently being seen my a speech and language therapist as his speech is very delayed. He also sees a preschool education at home teacher and sees a paeditician, but nobody is saying what they think might be wrong with him! He walks about some of the time looking at his hands, he never looks where's he's going has no concept of danger and quite often walks backwards! He loves it when the washing machine is spinning and kneels with his head against. I can't go anywhere with him as he's so disruptive, going to play groups or other people's houses gets him too hyper and he ends up charging around and wrecking everything! I also have an 8 yr old daughter with dyslexia, I'm trying to spend as much time as possibly with her so we can practice her reading which proves impossible with her brother charging around. I work part time and husband works full time. My husband can see our son gets hyper and can be hard work but refuses to admit something might be wrong. He started preschool in January and he settled a lot better than I thought he would but the nursery teachers do sympathize with me as they can see how tough it can be looking after him but again haven't said what they think might be the problem. He's a very loving and affectionate wee boy and loves cuddles. I'd say he's very babyish for his age and seems way behind his peers! Can anybody give me some suggestions???

willowthecat Fri 10-May-13 10:43:44

A lot of what you say sounds familiar to me ( my ds1 now 9 has ASD and ADHD) . I also recognise the reluctance of the professionals to be honest about their opinions of why he was not developing typically. Have you tried asking them bluntly if they are planning assessments for an ASD diagnosis ? I am not diagnosing online btw just that given what you say, the professionals should not be tip toeing around pretending there is nothing to comment on. How much speech does he have and how easy is to engage in joint activiites with him?

salondon Fri 10-May-13 11:10:45

Katied28 - I would ditto what willow said. Just ask for an ASD assessment and depending on whatever resources you have I would also start ABA

dietstartstmoz Fri 10-May-13 11:30:44

Katied28-your DS sounds very similar to our DS2 and he had a diagnosis of Autism aged 3.5. When is your next paed appt? I agree just ask them outright if they suspect Autism, and if they are assessing him for ASD. For us we knew they were assessing for ASD but it was the initail speech therapy report that stated he presented like a child with ASD, developmental delay etc. I broke down in tears, even though I knew he was. Its still hard to hear it being confirmed, when we saw the paed for dx she had the SALT report and paid a lot of attention to it.
When is he due to start school - 2014? If so, in the summer term I would strongly recommend you start the process to ask for him to be assessed for a Statement. Ask for a meeting with the SENCO at pre-school and if they wont do it, contact the SEN team at your LA and say you want him to be assessed-dont be fobbed off.
Welcome to MN SN-lots of great advice on here to help you every step of the way, and handholding on those tough days.

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