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School levels low, is this down to ASD?

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CyrstalStar Wed 08-May-13 21:43:50

My ds is at level 1b in year 2 for all subjects (maths, literacy, science, etc). Now I know that all children learn and progress at different rates and he is one of the youngest in the class but I am feeling this really isn't good. I am going to ask to see his levels since year 1 and see if he has progressed. His IQ is average when we recently had him tested. Should I be worried with these levels at this stage or am I creating something else to worry about...any opinions appreciated. My
Ds has only just recently been diagnosed with HFA and I am due to see his teacher and senco soon for a meeting. I have been told by the psych that he needs to go on school action plus and get an IEP so I will be sorting all that out. Thanks all

Handywoman Wed 08-May-13 22:35:58

If your ds has been assessed by an Ed Psych was there any insight from this as to why he might be slower to learn? All kids (including those with ASD) have different difficulties. Plus they might also have learning difficulties like Dyslexia.

My dd, for example, struggles to produce written output, focus for a decent length of time, is anxious, struggles with abstract language and concepts and has a single-track mind and is unable to reflect or be flexible about solving problems. Another child with ASD may have other barriers e.g. sensory issues, undetected poor receptive language, set rituals or difficulties with a fluid timetable. What do you think your ds is dealing with? If an IEP is being set up now is the time to tease out what is difficult for your ds because not all kids on the spectrum have the same pattern of strengths/difficulties.

(ps have not replied to your PM yet, sorry, super super busy!)

CyrstalStar Wed 08-May-13 22:53:43

Hi handywoman, I will be going through my ds psych reports with a fine tooth comb when I get them before I approach the school. The school think all is well he is just a boy no need to worry. although they are not aware of his diagnosis yet although i have been going to the senco for the last 18 months about concerns and they just didnt seem to understand. i felt a bit stupid in the end like i was being silly or imagining things. My ds has very low verbal skills so he doesn't get verbal instructions but is very good with non verbal skills. He has no pragmatic language and not comfortable to interact and request. There is no link between verbal and non verbal co ordination and has no awareness of emotions., lack of abstract reasoning. Struggles socially. i have a way to go yet before I make heads or tails of this. I need to sound as if I know what I'm talking about as right now I know there are problems but I don't have a clue how to put them across. I'm sure the report will help. Above is what I have been told and jotted down after ados and wisc tests. Also recommendations are that my ds needs individual specialist help in the classroom and outside ie playtime. that wont happen. No worries with the pm I know what it's like-thanks

Handywoman Wed 08-May-13 23:05:29

I think you probably need your profs to explain the profiles in plain English to you, so that you can do the same for school (all those wisc scores etc wont mean much to school staff). I would say make it as easy as poss for school to understand what is needed and condense the most important priorities into an IEP. Those big reports are there to back you up but may not even be read by class teacher/SENCO.

CyrstalStar Wed 08-May-13 23:53:46

Yes I will get there in the end I'm quite good at fighting my corner when I need to. I have a lot of homework to do. The physc said she would do a report for the school and she is very good and speaks in plain English so I will ask her to assist me. What is your child's diagnosis? Do you find it hard to cope sometimes, I do but I feel guilty as I know there is a lot worse off in the world. I feel bad and think that it's not me I need to feel sorry for my poor ds has the condition not me. If the school don't help and IEP doesn't help progression I will be going for the statement against all the odds. Even if it means it won't be in place until secondary it's worth the fight. Is your child on a IEP . There are a few autistic children in my ds school so it can't be that bad I hope. I'm so worried for the future I'm petrified of not being here for him, morbid I know!!

Handywoman Thu 09-May-13 23:46:51

School are supposed to be setting up an IEP and home-school communication book. Both promised before the Easter Hols. Not seen either yet. My child's diagnosis is 'probably on the spectrum', verbally mind, the Paed refuses to write it down (I think it makes her life easier to say nothing while we wait to get to the top of the list for ADOS/3di/SaLT observation). Been waiting for ADOS for 12 months already. It is blimmin hard to cope! And isolating. I am extremely fortunate that we have an incredibly insightful, experienced and talented private SaLT up the road who we see fortnightly to develop dd's higher language skills. School are floundering and just think my child is deaf (she also has conductive hearing loss). And that I am neurotic and demanding. I also have a dd1 aged 10 and we have had to fight, fight, fight for her all way through, too (moderate/severe Dyslexia). You are not being morbid, any caring parent would be anxious. I really hope that your plain speaking Psych comes up with the goods.

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