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Scared for the future.....

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NourishingButtons Mon 06-May-13 19:04:10

I posted in a different thread about my son just having a BIBIC assessment which has confirmed my long standing doubts....probable aspergers and serious sensory processing issues along with being very bright.

I just want some insights about the future? He is only 3.5 so its great we have caught things early (due to warrior mummying!!!). I know you don't know him, but he is engaging and bright, and a joy when things are going his way! Has real trouble with closure, inflexibility, needs not being met continually and immediately, sensory stuff.

I can imagine as his peers develop socially he will be left behind and suffer in this way. I am wondering about the long term, exams, independent living, future relationships. After always being told 'he'll grow out of it', now it could be a case of 'growing into it', and it feels like the rug has been pulled from under me.

Can my son have a fulfilled, happy life reaching his potential, or will it be really hard for him???

PolterGoose Mon 06-May-13 21:34:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NourishingButtons Mon 06-May-13 21:59:22

Thanks PolterGoose. Good to read that.

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