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How do you cope with the monotony that is repetitive play?

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MumfordandDaughter Fri 03-May-13 13:37:42


My dd is 5yo and has a dx of HFA.

She has a wonderful personality, vivid (but inflexible) imagination, and a hilarious sense of humour.

She's always pestering me to play. She's an only child, so i always feel obliged to do so.

However, she always wants to play with the same things, or follow the same storyline, or just line up her toys and watch me play instead.

e.g. she has three massive playmobile sets. She's always asking me to play, but all she does is line up her three cat figures and pretend to feed them over and over and over. Sometimes she'll make them talk to each other, or to my figures, but it always comes back feeding those damn cats.

The dolls. She always has the same doll and two puppies. And it's always the same storyline. The puppies will just sit and eat, then cuddle into the doll, then go back to eating.

She gets bored with arts and crafts. With bricks -she has every variety! - she just builds a small tower, and makes the little brick lady stand on top of it. We read books, but she gets bored after 1 or 2. We go out, but she moans because it's too noisy, too many people, too rainy, or too much walking. We're also stuck in until the middle of next week as she's just had surgery.

She's currently wanting me to go play dolls with her. I've managed to put her off for a little while while i do the dishes and sneak on here. So she's playing herself (with the puppies and the doll), but keeps calling on me every few minutes to hurry up.

Any tips? I actually feel like weeping with boredom. And i feel soooo guilty for feeling this way. When her little cousin's over, it's a joy playing with him as he'll rummage through the box and play with a variety of toys and do different storylines etc.

Stressedtothehilt Fri 03-May-13 13:47:28

I sympathise. Dd2 is 3.9 her play consists of lining up her trains or putting the, back in her train holder, or putting her fave characters in order. The only alternative is she will pretend to be a teacher and I have to sit on the floor and endure a story, the same one, over and over, in the same way. I daren't do anything out of place for fear of reprisals!

WilsonFrickett Fri 03-May-13 14:02:30

I sympathise too. I have been known to get it 'wrong' - it's good practice for him and it relieves the monotony

And DS does love to do a ticking off, so everyone's happy.

But now he's discovered the Xbox I kinda miss the playing.

anxiousmotherDOTnet Fri 03-May-13 14:06:34

Playful parenting by Lawrence Cohen id a nice book.
Do you think she has motor planning problems that make complicated activities like arts and crafts too scary? Could the puppy hold a pen in its paws and run around a piece of paper making scribbles? For example.
And if you are getting cabin fever can you invite someone over?

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