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Can I get some school help/advice please???

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Dinkysmummy Thu 02-May-13 13:15:59

Ok so,

This is the last straw...
Dinky has only been in her new school 2 and a half weeks. We got the acceptance 2 weeks before Easter hols.

She still has not got her own coat peg, I haven't spoken to the senco yet despite her being on SA+ at previous school (I have tried to meet with her but just get promises of phone calls that don't happen), they haven't spoken to me about the CAF we have open as previous senco was our lead professional, dinky had a risk assessment for absconding yet not a mention here... Today to top it all off, dinky is only welcome on the school trip if I am responsible for her and her behaviour.
If they had asked for me to go I would have said yes, but it was the way the teacher done it. I'm going to ask for her to put that in writing for me.

I sat in the office and told them I wasn't leaving until I, at the very least, made an appointment with the senco as this transition was not dealt with at all well, by the school. The teacher dinky has for 2 days a week is lovely and did put up a visual timetable (one went up in every class but her class has a hand drawn 'say goodbye to mummy' picture).
So I have a meeting with senco Friday 10th May.

Is there anything else I should say other than to politely protest about the way they have not dealt with dinkys arrival at the school considering they knew from the offset that dinky was at school action plus at her previous school.

Any advice ect would be appreciated!

Handywoman Thu 02-May-13 14:14:23

I can understand your frustration completely. Looking at the cold, hard, facts though, I think the fact that Dinky was on SA+ at her previous school will probably not figure much on their radar, tbh. I think school like to make their own assessment of a child and I think for a school a reasonable time frame is often 'half a term' or 'a full term' (rightly or wrongly). However, in your case the absconding is potentially a safeguarding issue for Dinky, and school not having this on their radar is a bit pants. Has she been trying to run off or not? Do school not see this as a potential issue? Was it raised at your visit prior to the hols?

My nose would definitely be out of joint at no coat peg (not very welcoming, is it). Can you mention it to the lovely class teacher and get one of the issues sorted? Confused that the school are trying to make you responsible for Dinky on a school trip. Did HT actually say this? Is that even legal?

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 02-May-13 14:47:15

Appalling that there is still no coat peg for your DD.

CAF however, can be a lot of hot air with nothing actually being done. You are her best and only advocate here.

Have you thought about now applying for a statement for Dinky?.

coff33pot Thu 02-May-13 16:39:42

How soon is the school trip? Have they done a complete risk assessment to show that it is not viable for your DD to go? Because if they havent they are on the way to becoming discrimatory.

Has your DD a dx or still in the process?

Have you been personally invited to go on this trip?

It may be best to email/write from now on as paper trails might be needed. Talking is fine but they cant deny much if its in black and white x

coff33pot Thu 02-May-13 16:42:00

Just of on a tangent but should she not go....and they suggest you keep her home as the staff will be going. Stick to your guns that she is to attend school and they need to make arrangements for this as they would be excluding her illegally and you are within your rights to take her in for her education.

Dinkysmummy Thu 02-May-13 17:06:24

Ok, I was going to wait but I have had enough,there are too many little things wrong that shouldn't be so I went in there to talk to someone...

Now bear in mind that the teachers have not mentioned any issues so far other than a couple of hiding under a table and not being quiet at carpet time. (We have had two meltdowns on drop off, one of which dinky attacked me with a pair if scissors).

The HT was off sick, so I spoke to the deputy.

He has been called in twice to deal with dinky already and she has been removed from class on those occasions and a few others.
She does try to abscond and this was the main concern regarding the trip, as it is to a place with a large lake and a large heavily wooded area. He apologised for the way it was approached regarding the trip, but laid out his concerns from the schools point of view. I gave him my concerns and we came to an agreement I was happy with.
In regard to the senco, he is going to follow up with her, as far he was aware, the fact a need was indicated in another school meant that at the very least the senco should have approached me to discuss the issues at the current time so that they were more on guard.
Apparently they were aware she absconded previously and were on guard for it, the school just hadn't told me they were on top of it.

He said he was embarrassed that the school hadn't sorted out a peg and can understand that I would be frustrated.

I laid it all on the line and told them I am willing to work with them but I need them to work with me. They need to communicate so I know what is going on and can be prepared to help.

He said I stole his line to parents... blush

He is going to talk to the senco, the head of early years and the CTs.

By next week we will have a coat peg, a home/school book, and the senco will be up to date and able to answer any questions I have.

He said he was thoroughly embarrassed and apologised profusely, as this is not the sort of welcome he would expect from the staff at the school. He gave me his direct line in case I needed to speak to him about anything, and I should give him a call after senco meeting just to make sure I'm happy and feel reassured.

smile I really hope he puts his words into action!

I hadn't thought about getting a statement but I am now....

Handywoman Thu 02-May-13 17:31:45

Well done DM wine that sounds great! You have successfully rattled their cages!

Bit confused about the absconding issue, were they/are they on the case, or not?

Now start that paper trail..... go and write an e-mail to Dep HT to clarify exactly what has now been agreed and by when....

Excellent work!

Dinkysmummy Thu 02-May-13 18:49:42

They knew about the absconding but didn't tell me:

A) that they knew
B) that they had things in place
C) that she had already tried absconding from the classroom

The absconding was their main concern for the trip and they are still trying to identify her triggers.

Will need wine at this rate grin

Handywoman Thu 02-May-13 19:12:27

Well it's great that school know they need to identify the triggers! Sounds like the usual poor communication rigmarole (with a bit of shoddiness thrown in) x

MareeyaDolores Thu 02-May-13 20:52:24

Sounds promising. Just need to ensure they keep this up (and it's all documented 'just in case')

Suggest reduce your workload by doing both the paper trail and the ego-stroking with a detailed, effusive thank-you card wink.

Easy to knock up on the computer, and save a copy of...

moondog Thu 02-May-13 20:54:51

Unacceptable goings on but top marks to the head for being honest about the situation with you.

popgoestheweezel Thu 02-May-13 23:49:35

Sounds like you have tackled that really well- top marks.
I would def ask for an email address (ideally of head/deputy/senco/CT and copy them all in) and then everything is in writing and timed and dated- no chance of confusion over who said what when!

Along with effusive thanks for DHT's time and attention I would include a diplomatically worded reminder of their responsibilities under paragraph 5.23 of the SENCOP: all schools should have regard to the following principles which are central to the code
● provision for a child with special educational needs should match the nature of their needs
● there should be regular recording of a child’s special educational needs, the action taken and the outcomes.

I am sure they will be keen to hear your views on the nature of dinky's needs and you will require those records to prove they are not able to meet her needs if you go for a statement. You could go for one right now of course, if you feel you have the evidence already (although LEA might argue that this school has not had a chance at meeting her needs yet).

coff33pot Fri 03-May-13 00:18:24

Well done on taking the bull by the horns smile

Would definitely suggest a "just to clarify" email "as there was so much discussed" wink

Just thinking that he is the deputy for one thing so no doubt would have to discuss with the HT the convo he had with you so wouldnt hurt for the email.

Glad you are getting the home/school book mind was a godsend. Just a hint though......when you get to just about 3 or 4 pages left in the book KEEP IT. Just tell them straight that this is being kept as a log for any profs that might need it to help your DD. If you dont want to do that then just photocopy all the pages including the front cover with a commencement and end date period on it smile

These books can....ahem.....disapear in school for some reason and are ideal as back up for a statement should they log the days events/issues properly x

Well done again!

MareeyaDolores Fri 03-May-13 01:01:19

Oh yes, we were burned by the link book vaporisation trick.

Exactly two days after I'd decided I was just being paranoid, and so over-rode my strong instinct of wanting to steal it hmm

Dinkysmummy Fri 03-May-13 07:17:33

Funny you say that just before she moved schools the contact book suddenly stopped coming home hmm
Good thing I already photocopied it! wink
I will be scanning pages at home... Just. In. Case

Dinkysmummy Sat 04-May-13 09:41:09

Just put dinkys book back in the bookbag and found a contact book shock !!!!!!

I can't believe they have done it already! (And that it is actually a book rather than the poor excuse her old school gave for a contact book)


sweetteamum Sat 04-May-13 09:58:59

Things ate moving on already dinky. Sounds like your chat with ht did the trick. smile

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