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SALT - thorough assessment.

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crazeelaydee Wed 01-May-13 20:21:45

Hi my Dd has been under SALT for over a year and has just had a new S&L therapist who would like to do a thorough assessment with her over a couple of sessions, I thought she had already had this but she was actually just assessed for her speech sounds. Please can anyone tell me what the assessments may be called? or if their DC has had similar and what was done?


Handywoman Thu 02-May-13 10:10:14

dd2 has had a few of these assessments. They look at receptive language skills such as the ability to understand sentences, vocabulary, make associations between words. Also the ability to infer meaning, and make sense of non-literal language. They also look at expressive language skills like the ability to use a variety of grammatical constructions, ability to describe common objects. The Salt may also comment on non-verbal communication such as eye contact, how your dd coped and cooperated with the assessment. Conversational skills may (or may not) be assessed informally by the Salt from warming your dd up to the assessment with such questions as 'have you had a good day at school this morning?/who do you play with' etc.

My dd2 did her last language assessment last at age 7, all in one go. It lasted 90 mins and also included tests of auditory processing.


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