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parents comments for statement

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zumbaleena Wed 01-May-13 09:30:19

I am at the stage where I am supposed to give my "parental comments" BEFORE a statement or NIL is issued. Couple of questions here pls -
1. Do I need to refer to the sencop for this?
2. How long should this be ideally?
3. Should I refer to the various reports being attached to this in my comments page?
4. I am hoping to do a 2 page point summary and send it. Is that ok?
5. Everyone has recommended 1:1 mainstream with LSA. That is exactly what I want. But the trick I have been told is this - ask for a lot more and when they say no, appeal and then barter to settle for 1:1...correct or wrong?

Many thanks for all who will respond and yes...pls do respond :-)))

beautifulgirls Wed 01-May-13 10:28:21

Hi Zumba - I would put all your concerns down in your own words, even if not fully supported by the professional reports and I would refer to the reports either by copying and pasting (I used italics to show it was not my words at that point) or by referring to paragraphs in the report if is it easy to do that e.g. X has difficulty with speech production and it is my belief he need 1:1 direct SALT twice a week for 45 minutes each session. (See also KB SALT report 3rd Jan 2013, para 1, 7 and 11).
If there are relevant parts of the CofP that you feel will back up your case as to why this should be a statement not a NIL then use them. It never hurts to show you are clear about the process and they will hopefully realise it will be harder to mess you around then..though they may try! I think by all means ask for more than you want, but don't try and ask for too much extra unless the reports are able to pretty much back up what you ask for as it will look a bit silly if it comes to tribunal.

zumbaleena Thu 02-May-13 10:25:37

ooh! I did a parental comments section by myself and got an excellent from FS

beautifulgirls Thu 02-May-13 15:31:21


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