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Help with letter to LEA to request statutory assessment pls

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osospecial Mon 29-Apr-13 12:52:01

I've taken the template letter from IPSEA but I'm just wondering, before I post it, if I've gone into enough detail.
I've basically put 6 bullet points of my what I believe my daughter needs extra support in (for example SALT, communication,help with social interaction with others, joint attention skills etc) is this sufficient at this stage and I get to elaborate when the process starts or should I be writing more in this initial letter?
I havnt written about how the school is not meeting her needs as she's currently in an assessment unit for 2terms but I want to get the ball rolling for what she will need when she leaves there (xmas) and what school she can attend then.
Does this sound right?

osospecial Mon 29-Apr-13 12:56:38

Also I have decided to get a private assessment done as dd is currently on 2year waiting list for asd panel with nhs and I think trying for a dx now might improve the support she gets. How does this fit into the statement process, can the private paed's recommendations go on the statement? And at what stage? Thanks

beautifulgirls Mon 29-Apr-13 20:32:37

Take a look at the SEN code of practice and look at their information about the circumstances under which the LA should assess. Try and ensure you provide information that shows why your child ticks the boxes for these circumstances (eg multiple and complex needs, gap between child and peers increasing, support needed beyond that which can be provided under school action plus etc). Send in any reports you have already that support your information.

Private reports - LAs are supposed to take these seriously but may well not do. I think for your own peace of mind it is still worth doing and should you need to resort to tribunal to get the LA to do what they are supposed to do then private reports will be admissible and must be considered.

osospecial Mon 29-Apr-13 21:31:37

Thanks, it does sound like I need to have another go at this letter and put more information in then. I'll read the SEN code of practice first before rewriting, thanks beautifulgrls

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