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Schools angst again

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used2bthin Thu 25-Apr-13 12:34:07

Dd has a place for transfer to a special school for severe and profound sn in September and is doing a bit of integration there this term. She is in mainstream currently which wasn't working out but now is much better, she has progressed loads and now is assessed as just borderline for learning disability but has still the severe communication needs and asd plus serious medical issues (which are manageable in mainstream but scary nonetheless especially recently)

Mainstream school are now saying she is fine with them which is a change from last year when it was definitely felt she needed ss. But to my mind this is dependant on a particular friend and also may change when September comes which would leave us with another year to wait, possibility of not getting a ss place etc etc.

Options locally are a ss for moderate lds half an hour away or choice of two asd bases but only if academically she is deemed suitable( which is a bit worrying as we don't know what she COULD achieve if in the right environment only what she achieves in mainstream.

Or go to special school we have started integration with but she would academically be most able in the class, or stay in mainstream where she is settled well enough but is always going to be hard on her as she will be by far least academically able, all the mainstream issues lack of stability with therapies etc etc.

Help, with the illness stuff she has recently I am struggling under the pressure and wish someone would just tell me what to do.

coff33pot Thu 25-Apr-13 12:47:56

Does she have to be at the SS full time?

I mean can she split week days between the two is that feasible with this school?

Just thought it would be a good idea to keep both options open for a while longer.

MS is of course entirely dependent on what teacher children have as to how they respond. Plus if she does have health issues that you feel would be better managed in SS maybe that is still the best place for her?

Sorry if I am not helping lol

coff33pot Thu 25-Apr-13 12:48:49

What does DD think of the new SS?

used2bthin Thu 25-Apr-13 12:53:48

She would have the same teacher next year which would help loads. Also a small Ish school and lovely albeit a bit unaware sometimes on some stuff. Dd says the two (both) when I ask which she likes! She seems genuinely ok at both places but has more history etc at mainstream.

I would like a split place I think ideally but that is sort of what she has and I am not sure it would be funded long term.

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