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Ds said he has voices in his head?

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alwaysinhiding Thu 25-Apr-13 10:49:46

Ive spoke about ds 7 on here many times before, he has some sensory issues seeking mainly and is awaiting referral to look at anything else currently 6 months into the wait! yesterday i had a chat with him as his behavior seems to be getting worse tbh its never good and that's the biggest problem with ds but as he gets older he just seems to not care about what he does, he wont do a thing i ask, he doesnt respond to ANY punishments, he is rude and cheeky all the time and doesnt seem to react to my voice, looks or outright consequences anymore its hard to explain but its like he's 15! he stares right through me like he's emotionless. Yesterday it came to a head and he told me people are being nasty to him at school calling him names, pushing him and he has no friends (ds is VERY extrovert and has always thought everyone is his friend/talks to everyone etc/wants to share EVERYTHING he does and think with everyone) its this reason ive ruled out asd. He recieves daily timeouts at school for sillyness and talking, he told me he gets voices in his head and they whisper words and the words have to come out and if he holds them in they hurt inside his head and when he moves his head he can feel them bouncing around his brain and if he keeps holding them he coughs them out or makes a little noise (ds has a little tic like nervous throat clear he does often, or a little squeal sound)

He also said its the same whispers in his head at bedtime that stop him going to sleep, ds needs to spend at least an hour sometimes several hours in bed making noises (like gunfire type sounds) and repeating lines from dr who (his obsession)

what should i make of this does this sound familiar to anyone? is this just him noticing his inner voice or trying to justify himself not keeping quiet or should i be concerned about this or mention it to someone?

Theycallmestacy Thu 25-Apr-13 21:52:02

Ds has ASD he often makes noises just like you describe, he has lots of other tics as well.

On the other hand he has spoke about the voices in his head and that it makes his head too busy. I just took this to mean his own internal thoughts and have explained what they are.

MyAngelChuckles Fri 26-Apr-13 08:29:36

This sounds quite similar to my boy. My DS always wants to play and talk to others aswell, but he is ASD, where he falls down is that he fails dismally at interpretting social actions, he can't understand sarcasm or the need to tell an untruth, he can't read facial expressions or notice the impact of what he is doing on others. He is often out of sync with other children and thinks that every one is his friend, he does have 1 or 2 friends, but most of the other children avoid him because of this as when he plays he needs to direct everything and can't 'flow' so to speak as the games progress.

Ds often loses his temper and punishment also has very little effect on him, I have had to switch to a reward based system as he is trouble so much at school and he seems to respond much more to EARNING extra when he does something I want him to (like doing what I ask) than taking things away. So he gets 15 mins play with me after school and a 6:45 bed time base, if he goes on red, thats how it stays, if he goes amber he earns an extra 5 mins play with me and 10 mins extra before bed and then more for staying in green at school.

About the voices in his head DS has in the past talked about too many voices in his head, but he has a sound processing disorder, he can't seem to filter out all the extra sounds and focus on the important one very well if that makes sense, it makes it very hard for him to concentrate and focus on what he is doing so he makes his own sounds, generally louder than everything else to try and gain some control over what he is hearing, to try and drown out the rest , means he is very disruptive in class sometimes when he is feeling overwhelmed sad

I'm only sharing my experience with DS and it may be totally irrelevant for your ds but the 2 sound similar so thought it might help. Sorry for typos, trying to get it all down before I get ds to school and I ramble smile

Hope it helps and good luck with your ds, hope you get some help soon

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