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Questions about cerebral palsy

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armani Wed 24-Apr-13 22:46:43

Hi, I am currently in the midst of having my dd aged 7 assessed by a developmental pead. She has been assessed by an OT and scored 0.6 percentile for motor co ordination. Her handwriting is very messy and hardly readable. She also has a very awkward pencil grip. She appears to be really clumsy, she is always knocking herself and falling over her own feet. School have noted that her arms seem independent of her body.

She has been assessed by physio and it was noted that she has tight hamstring muscles and her feet tend to roll inwards. She also has a slight shortening of her left leg. Physio have given me some exercises to do at home and signed her off.

Dd also has a benign growth in the bone in her left leg, known as fibrodysplasia. So far this has not caused her any issues, although it seems bone deformities are common with children with cp.

Dd has been dx with global learning disabilities. She is very behind in ms school and has made no progress, so cognitive problems are an issue.

Dd has been known to salt since starting school in reception. She has issues with speech clarity and has been noted to have a lot of saliva in her mouth - dribbly etc. Despite various periods of therapy her clarity has not improved.

So the reason I am posting is because I have no experience of cp and would like some advice. Does the above sound like dd has mild cp or am I barking up the wrong tree? I feel like if she had it I would have noticed before now. I haven't an appt with pead for another few months so am wondering if the above are symptoms of cp or have I got this totally wrong?

hanbee Tue 30-Apr-13 06:59:07

My DS1 was also term but has pvl. He also had a bad labour and I do wonder whether we should now get all his notes. He was considered developmentally delayed from 2 although problems existed ftom day 1, beginning with v poor feeding and then very slow to hit milestones.

whoamiiam Tue 30-Apr-13 19:46:55

hanbee that does sound similar to ds. ds was little slow to meet milestones but apparently still within the normal range but at 2 more apparent.

Spoke to paediatric neurologist today who said apparently pvl would have caused the glisiosis.

I am feeling very frustrated today, have been waiting 7 weeks for the results of a 24 hour EEG to try and get right meds to get epilepsy under control, only to finally get hold of consultant to hear he cannot find them!

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