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ados scores ?

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thriftychic Mon 22-Apr-13 21:50:41

ds2 had an ados test about 3 years ago , at the time i was told he had scored very low and he does not have asd , they seemed quite sure about that.

last october another psychiatrist saw him for about an hour and said he thought he does have asd .

i asked today what his ados score had been and was told it was 8. so , can anyone tell me what his score would have to be to indicate asd ?


flowwithit Mon 22-Apr-13 22:01:11

I think the scores range from 0-22 and autism / Aspergers is 10 or above. Could you have another test to see if anything has changed since the last one?

chocjunkie Tue 23-Apr-13 04:27:22

iirc, dd's paed explained to me that an ados score of 0-7 is normal, 8-11 is asd and anything above 12 is autism (still hmm about the asd-autism distinction).

8 would have been just above the cut of for an ads dx. did you not get a report with all the scores and subscores?

thriftychic Tue 23-Apr-13 14:33:11

no , we didnt get any scores at the time , we got a letter telling us he had scored low and a few other things but no actual scores . tbh she wasnt for giving me those scores yesterday , i have no idea why not . in the end i was told that he had scored 4 points in one area and 4 points in another , so must have been a score of zero in the others .

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