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Amendments to statements

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bigbluebus Sun 21-Apr-13 19:22:59

We had DS's annual review a couple of months ago, and agreed that a couple of the objectives in his statement were no longer relevent SENCO suggested changes in wording and a new objective.

We subsequently got copies of the paperwork from school and there was a photocopy of the original statement with some crossings out and some higlighted bits (which didn't really show up in the photocopy very well as it was done in Black & White)and a few handwritten changes to the wording.

We have just received a letter from the LA saying they are proposing to amend DSs statement as follows:
- Change long term objective(s)

That is all it says - no list of what the changes are.

It says they need to check we are happy to proceed before they make the amendments so we need to contact them within 15 days if we wish to make 'representations'

Is it just me, or is this just lazy and shoddy? Surely if they want me to be agreeing to the changes, they should be specifying what the changes are that they are proposing to make. There were no minutes from the review meeting.

I know there are lots of you on here with vast experience of statement amendments/reviews - DS's statement has never been changed before except to change the named school.

lougle Sun 21-Apr-13 19:34:24

You should write any changes you think need to be made, then ask for a draft amended statement to review before it is finalised. You'll then have right of appeal, also.

You could look at Chapters 8-9 of the SEN Code of Practice for the rules around amendments.

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