Just once again highlighting lovely special needs resource for north London /Herts area

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theDudesmummy Sat 20-Apr-13 11:38:58


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theDudesmummy Sat 20-Apr-13 11:39:48

They are having fire engine visits and Pets as Therapy visits over the next few weeks. We love it and it is quite underused!

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eggandcress Sat 20-Apr-13 18:03:32

I have nearly taken my dc about three times to this but got cold feet at the last minute! It is do-able but quite a big drive on the M25.

Is it suitable for older children with autism - my ds is 13 and enormous so I am aware of taking him to things where small children are roaming. Not that he would harm them but he may not notice them and accidently walk into them.

Also does it have any indoor sections and is it easy to find?

lisad123everybodydancenow Sat 20-Apr-13 18:42:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

babiki Sat 20-Apr-13 19:18:06

It looks lovely, but with 3 kids it's just too expensive..no point driving and stay just one hour, and for 2 hours and more it's just too pricey

2006hildy Sun 21-Apr-13 04:22:56

It is lovely but pricey. I used to go when it was free. I just can't beleive the prices now especially if your household is one income down and having to make do on a carers allowance.
Do they have any free days coming up?
Do you just turn up or do you have to book?

TheTimeTravellersWife Sun 21-Apr-13 07:57:23

The Special Needs play area is located in Aldenham Country Park which is lovely itself. Pooh Corner, 100 Aker (sic) Wood, Farm Animals, ponies.

theDudesmummy Sun 21-Apr-13 19:50:08

Yes there is an indoor part, with sensory room, soft play room, activities etc. And it is for children up to 19, according to their website. I have seen quite a few older children there. I know that you have to pay but I really find it worth it (and the park it is in is also so lovely for walks etc, and there is a farm too, as has been mentioned).
You do have to book for the sessions.

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magso Sun 21-Apr-13 22:49:50

It is suitable for older children. My 13 year old loves it both outside and indoors although I too have mostly only been on the free or sponcored days. Respite takes ds there sometimes. When we have gone as a family we usually take in other parts of the park. The farm costs extra now but is always popular with ds. Most of the country park in general needs reasonable weather. I think users of the specialist facility get a free or reduced price car park exit token -its £3-£5 to visit the park otherwise. It has a small sensory room and is a good place for a birthday gathering for children who don't like the traditional celebrations. I think it would make a lovely place for a sn teenage club or afterschool facilty too.

theDudesmummy Mon 22-Apr-13 10:23:20

We go often, so look forward to seeing some of you there some time (I am recognisable by being very old, harassed-looking and with a small cute blond boy in tow!).

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theDudesmummy Mon 22-Apr-13 11:36:30

PS yes if you are coming to the playground you get car parking for £1

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eggandcress Mon 22-Apr-13 11:58:02

I think I will take the plunge & try it at half term.
I have just checked the route on Google Maps and it is a 55 min drive from me - so not as far as I thought.

The main park looks good as well so perhaps we could do both if it is a nice day.

Is there anywhere to get a cup of tea or should I take a flask? (I won't last 5 mins without this!)

theDudesmummy Mon 22-Apr-13 13:08:09

Yes there is a kiosk in the car park just near the playground, food and drink.
You need to call or email Dale at Kidz and book, he will explain about the car parking token etc.
The park is great, if it is a nice day, could take up all day.

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theDudesmummy Mon 22-Apr-13 13:09:50

PS in the indoor section at the playground there is an indoor eating area with tables, chairs, sink and running water etc, if you do want to take food/drinks along.

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eggandcress Mon 22-Apr-13 13:20:19

Thank you theDudesmummy

Now we just need good weather at half term or perhaps just ok weather is best for us as ds doesn't like too many people around.
Grey but not raining is preferable!

I think a picnic would be best and I can get my tea from the kiosk

Anonanonuk Mon 22-Apr-13 21:17:20

Hi Lisa. Have you tried the special needs playgound in Taplow*- the Thames Valley Adventure Playground (TVAP)? It is wheelchair friendly and only charges £8 per visit for a special needs child and their family and you can stay all day. You have to prebook. Website details are http://www.tvap.co.uk/

* It is on the A4 and you can get to it from junction 7 off the M4.

It is a fantastic place that has been open since 1982 with 2.5 acres of grounds with outdoor and indoor facilities especially for special needs children and special needs adults. It was originally recommended to us by our Portage worker and we have been going for many years.

bumblingbovine Tue 23-Apr-13 14:09:49

Camp Mowhawk is fantastic and very cheap/ almost free
www.campmohawk.org.uk/ It is in Berkshire though

lisad123everybodydancenow Tue 23-Apr-13 16:00:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

blueemerald Tue 23-Apr-13 17:28:52

We took the class I worked with at a special school to Thames Valley and we had an amazing day. The kids had fun too ;) it's an amazing place.

theDudesmummy Wed 24-Apr-13 12:08:41

Thanks for the info about the Taplow place, we will definitely look into that!

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Anonanonuk Thu 25-Apr-13 10:51:49

Thanks Bumblingbovine for info about Camp Mohawk. We might give it a try sometime.

It's great that we can get to know about different special needs playgrounds via this Mumsnet forum. :-)

aldenhampark Thu 30-Jul-15 22:17:35

Sorry to bump this but please check out the new website


and facebook


we are under new management (owned and run by Aldenham Country Park) and now cost £10 per child/adult for a three hour visit. please come along and check out the changes made and enjoy our outdoor and indoor spaces!

We also have some resident pets to play with smile

aldenhampark Thu 30-Jul-15 22:22:01

you can also get a tea/coffee in the playground for a donation and the parking is free.

It's also for adults too, we don't have an age limit!

Calls to check availability is advisable as we have occasional booked sessions over the summer but we are open more than we are closed. Please come and use this well hidden resource.

CrispyFB Fri 31-Jul-15 17:47:23

It sounds and looks great, and not far from us either!

One question though - what about siblings who don't have additional needs? Are they able to come along if they pay?

aldenhampark Fri 31-Jul-15 20:44:54

yes they can come crispy, we charge £10 for first child then £5 for siblings smile

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