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Been in hospital with dd, now home and finding it impossible already

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used2bthin Fri 19-Apr-13 13:42:58

Dd1 has been really ill for a week. Two hospital admissions in seven days with a five day stay for the last bit. Now home and already it is hard hard work.

Dd1 is understandably very much in need of attention, she is having eighteen doses a day of various medicines plus ear drops plus calpol. She is battered and bruised from ivs and tube and has a burst eardrum and kidney infection and possible stomach ulcer. She has a genetic condition so is on loads of steroids for that too which is making her hyper but exhausted too. She has asd and is making squawking noises and a noise that sounds like a drill if anyone talks to anyone other than her.

Dd2 is just a baby and is clingy as I wasn't around for days . She was up last night most of it and won't settle to sleep with dd2 around.

Argh already! And we only came out yesterday! I am lucky to have family help but its a tiny house, one living area that dd has filled with a train track (that she gets violent over if dd2 gets near), she wants to constantly pump and deflate an air bed and gym ball in there too and she wants the curtains shut as ever. Help!!

proudmum74 Fri 19-Apr-13 13:49:25

That sounds tough! Big hugs for you all, hope your DD1 is better soon & have some wine flowers & brew, sounds like you may need it!

used2bthin Fri 19-Apr-13 13:57:14

Thank you, am also trying to diet which is not happening! Dd2 finally asleep so I should too, my mum is with dd2 for now. And breathe!

Handywoman Fri 19-Apr-13 14:07:02

OK the diet you need would probably be the one provided by proudmum74 above, but prob don't eat any flowers. That sounds really, really, tough. Will your dd1 be ok with family looking after her for an hour or so? Can you take your dd2 out for special time? Sounds like a really tough juggle. Hope your dd1 is better very soon. Have more brew wine brew

used2bthin Fri 19-Apr-13 14:42:44

Thanks handywoman, that last post of mine should have said my mum is with dd1. I just managed twenty mins sleep then had a call from our carer about next weeks respite, then sil who is dropping by to help out but is leaving work early- my mum, dad and aunt are all downstairs. I want the help and the company but not all at once and am now stressing that sil will feel she can't stay as there is a house full.

bigbluebus Fri 19-Apr-13 15:19:09

Sorry you are having a tough time used2. Hope DD1 improves soon.

It is great that your family are so willing to help out, but you do not need the added stress of having them in your space all at once. When your SIL arrives, could you give them all a piece of paper and a pen and ask them to draw up a rota so that you get the maximum amount of help rather than them all being there at once?

used2bthin Fri 19-Apr-13 21:29:54

Thanks bigbluebus yes it was way too much today and dd ended up in a real state when they left. Sil and me actually went off out for a bit though which was great and I knew the others could cope for a bit without me here. Tomorrow we have no one moving but dh is here so should be ok but next week is going to be hard and I am not sure who is around, think everyone wanted to see her but tbh she needs rest so a quiet couple of days with both me and dh should be good. Not that its quiet here but maybe we can take it in turns to take baby dd2 out so dd1 gets the attention and quiet she needs.

I am still a bit shaken by it all so she must feel ten times worse its been quite a week. We are used to hospital admissions but not quite as scary as this generally.

used2bthin Mon 22-Apr-13 21:08:38

Awful day.saved by our carer coming for a couple of hours but really really hard before and after. Tetchy, teething baby who has just started walking then dd1 is better enough to be leaping about but ill enough to be grumpy and emotional and occasionally violent to baby pulling apart her track etc etc.

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