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Children with statements reaching 16 before the new EHC plans come in

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Icedcakeandflower Thu 18-Apr-13 15:50:21

I wrote to the DOE a while back to find out what would happen to ds's statement as she reaches 16 this year, and received this reply.

I thought I'd share as it may affect some of you with older dcs smile

Thank you for your email dated 06 March 2013 about SEN statements .

Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans will be introduced for children and young people who need them in schools, further education or training up to the age of 25.

We are currently talking to interested parties about how we should introduce the new system and how we should transfer children and young people with statements and Learning Difficulty Assessments (LDAs) on to EHC plans.

We want children and young people with SEN to benefit from the new system as soon as possible. However, the transfer to EHC plans will be a significant undertaking for local authorities and we want to make sure that the best service possible is maintained for children, young people and their families during this period. To ensure a smooth changeover, we anticipate that a phased approach to transfer will be necessary. Before we finalise arrangements, we will set out a proposed approach to transition for consultation later this year.

Until EHC plans are introduced, existing arrangements will remain in place for children and young people with statements and LDAs. For example, a young person with a statement moving into further education from school should receive a Learning Difficulty Assessment.

So basically, it hasn't been decided yet, and there will be a consultation!

bigbluebus Thu 18-Apr-13 16:00:55

My understanding was that the Pathfinder area were free to choose whichever group of children they wanted for the pilot, so some would choose 'new' cases and some might choose existing statemented children with some of those being in Transition. They would then look at the results of the pilots and make further decisions on how to proceed. I am prepared to be corrected on this as I don't live in a Pathfinder area.
DS is 16 and his statement will go with him to 6th form next term. He doesn't have an LD though so all his input is currently from Education services, so I'm not sure how the new plans would affect someone like him anyway. His sister however has input from all 3 departments and is 18, so will be interesting to see what happens. I think the new plan only covers them whilst they are still in full time education anyway, so not necessarily up to 25. DD will leave school at 19 & hopefully do 3 yrs at an SEN FE college, so she will be 22 when she finishes drops into the black hole

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