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Ok, first I will need a lie down, but then I will need advice

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FreshWest Wed 17-Apr-13 15:12:00

Dd teacher just approached me after school. They asked me if I was ok with them starting procedure for stat. assessment. (Well, told me more than asked but i think she was being polite).
They have already filled out something called sen1 then they will do something called appendix 2.
I am a bit clueless on this subject and tbh haven't pursed it yet as she is in a specialist placement, has an IEP which is reviewed so at the moment I didn't see the need.
Could any wise and experienced SNMN people advise me what to watch out for, where I might find more info and what does this mean for dd?
She is 5 btw, nom verbal with suspected ASD but no dx.

zzzzz Wed 17-Apr-13 15:19:24

Tea, cake, feet up, then MNSN.

It will be ok.

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