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Teaching social skills

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Gorta Wed 17-Apr-13 09:39:37

I'm in Ireland and I have two children recently diagnosed with Aspergers. I wanted to ask your help about the best way to teach our children social skills. At school are there any specific programmes used? Anything you have achieved success with?
My ds has poor functional language and his behaviour is good but he lacks motivation to start a conversation and cannot sustain a conversation. His turn taking is good but with lots of Slt I'm hoping that will improve.

With my dd she is shy and plays with the same child who is younger everyday. They play very basic games and I would love for her to be involved in structured play facilitated by the school. They are using circle time by Jenny Mosley ith the whole class once a week and she gets nearly 5 hours one to one time every week with a resource teacher. They do the odd social story but I feel alot more could be done to teach her how to ask for help etc. She has assistance in class. I suppose I think they don't see this as being important. She has no behaviour issues but emotionally they would tell me that she is being hard on herself not wanting to show the teacher her work when she doesn't think it is good enough. They do reassure her but surely there could be strategies put in place to help with her anxiety.

To be honest sometimes I think it is me!! Am I expecting too much? We do alot at home and I just feel school doesn't have an insight into children on the spectrum. Thanks for reading it helps to vent.

Gorta Wed 17-Apr-13 09:41:53

Just wanted to add my ds is 5 and his languge is in normal range and my dd is 9. Both have pragmatic semantic language difficulties I suppose part of autism and dyspraxia an sensory processing disorder.

I've heard of schools using a Circle of Friends approach, where a group of hand picked peers have regular short sessions with your DC playing turn taking games / role playing situations etc. The idea is that the sessions are fun but help with social skills and more importantly, build up a little social network of DC who will become more likely to interact positively with your DC at other times. The DC chosen for the group are good social role models and also 'kind' DC who would be likely to play with your DC, including some of their current friends.

Being chosen for these sessions is seen as 'kudos' for those involved, something they want to be involved in.

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