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What do you do when it is just one of those days?

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Dinkysmummy Tue 16-Apr-13 19:40:00

Dinky had her first full day at her new school today, it was nice so when she asked to go to the park I agreed.
It was a stuggle getting her to leave the park, and then once she had a drink from the shop she started. We had to wait for my dad as he was dropping off something for me. She didn't want to wait. I asked her to sit and she kept running off, when she went to go in the road I had to fight her wrist reins on as she can be very slippery to hold. Once I got the wrist reins on her, she refused to get off the floor! My dad came and saw her kicking, punching and spitting at me. Then she carried on screaming and refusing to move, after 20 minutes I had to get home (call of nature), so it became a battle of lifting her up and waking until she kicked too much and I had to put her down. What is normally a 10 minute walk took just over an hour.
During this time I had a number of filthy looks, people trying to talk to her telling her she is naughty, and people loudly saying that if people can't control their children they shouldn't have them sad
I know I should just ignore them but with no dx and nothing to fall back on it just cuts straight through me. When we got in I shouted at her and took her two boxes of toys out of her room.
I now feel extremely guilty as I know she isn't inherently naughty and I know it must have been difficult for her to be in her new school with all those new faces, different ways of doing things and straight after the 2 week break. I mean that would be difficult for any child let alone one with suspected PDA.

So what do you do on 'one of those days'?

NoHaudinMaWheest Tue 16-Apr-13 19:54:35

Sorry I don't have any answers but wanted to express sympathy for your tough day.
Good that the new school went well while she was there though.

Dinkysmummy Wed 17-Apr-13 09:49:01

Thanks nohaudin,

Hopefully today will be better...

Aw, Dinkysmummy. sad In retrospect, maybe too much for her first day, but hindsight is always 20:20! (((Hugs)))

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