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DLA mobility advice please

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spiritsam Mon 15-Apr-13 14:36:31

Ok i'm hoping for some input please . DD is 5 in May she has ASD and GDD and extreme challenging behaviour also a very high chance of ADHD dx in future . Just had letter from DLA who have awarded low rate mobility on top of high rate care which she has had some time . Lots of info and supporting letters from her team were sent. High rate mobility is the only way for a blue badge here and we need it . E.g last Paed appoinment took an hour to leave the room and severe battle getting into the car . Should i just bow down and be grateful or appeal please ? x

spiritsam Mon 15-Apr-13 14:54:05

Just re-read letter and they allowed low rate because she "needs someone to guide or supervise when walking on routes that are unfamiliar" . So very much more thanthat though so i am leaning towards asking them to look again .But i really am unsure x

zen1 Mon 15-Apr-13 15:22:41

I would ask them to look again. DS is 4 and has ASD and Hypermobility. He was awarded medium rate care but higher rate mobility because he needs constant supervision when out walking anywhere.

zen1 Mon 15-Apr-13 15:25:37

Also, we have instances where DS will sit down and refuse to move. He is too big to carry any distance now and it sounds like you are having similar problems and need a blue badge.

spiritsam Mon 15-Apr-13 15:33:10

Thanks Zen this is exactly why we need the badge too . DD is too strong now and not only needs constant supervision inside and out have many full on physical battles just to get her to and into the car without doing up crelling harness . Think i'm going to draft a letter with a very detailed example x

izzie123 Tue 16-Apr-13 20:08:09

Hi from what you are saying I would definitely challenge it. I would suggest writting and listing why your child fits the criteria for high rate mobility which is: severe mental impairment, severe challenging behaviour and in receipt of high rate care. The NAS website has a useful page on this. Just list the evidence under each one ie if this is the case: that your child needs 1:1 at all times, no awareness of danger will suddenly run in any direction, needs their hand held at all times to prevent self injury or desctruction of property/hurting others, needs to be restrained at times to prevent the above, will not follow verbal or visual directions, needs constant encouragement throughout, will sit on the floor and not move for x minutes, etc... your evidence should be enough but if you have evidence from others that's always helpful. The other thing that you need is a MacLaren Major pushchair which goes up to 50kg. We got one from the NHS OT because like you our DS has severe challenging behaviour and also when we got it he could get very tired. Worth a try if not I would definitely buy one. It will save you a lot of hassle.

spiritsam Wed 17-Apr-13 11:57:50

Hi izzie
Thanks for your reply. I am challenging and I have listed all the things you mentioned but have sent again. Also wrote out in great detail 2 examples of taking 40-60 mins plus just to get into car. We have a major buggy but dd either refuses this too or escapes it and once she fights to get out there is no getting her back in. I did have our Starfish lady come yesterday. She's learning disability and behaviour team. She's going to write to support high rate. And resend the letter from the rest of our team.
Thank for your reply. Did you have to fight for it ? X

izzie123 Thu 18-Apr-13 16:11:51

Sorry to hear that the Major doesn't work. The support from a health professional always goes a long way. When we reapplied when my DS was 3 we won't given high rate mobility but I wasn't sure if we qualified and wasn't aware of the criteria so when we were just given high rate care I didn't question it at the time particularly as we had other battles to fight. I then became aware of the criteria and thought DS fitted it. Once I sent the letter listing all the criteria and how DS met them as well as all the evidence, then we were approved quite quickly and given the high rate mobility for 6 years. They even backdated it after I queried that. Hope it goes well!

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