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Annual review and transition

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Inappropriatelyemployed Mon 15-Apr-13 13:21:02

We had an AR in March as one had to be held then but we agreed to discuss transition in the summer term as more info was required.

The LA are now telling school that they are processing this AR as DS's transition review. Yet we were not able to discuss DS's future schooling save to explore possible options.

It was clear DS was out of class and was only going into school with my attendance and it was agreed to look again at this.

bigbluebus Mon 15-Apr-13 13:35:20

How old is your DS? Is this Transition to Secondary school, transfer to another school or the move to Adult services after he leaves school?

Inappropriatelyemployed Mon 15-Apr-13 13:38:40


Inappropriatelyemployed Mon 15-Apr-13 13:38:59


Inappropriatelyemployed Mon 15-Apr-13 14:59:28

Could another review be held by way of interim review?

starfish71 Mon 15-Apr-13 15:06:51

Could you ask for an emergency annual review?

bigbluebus Mon 15-Apr-13 15:34:14

I would ask for an interim review once you have explored the options. You still have to apply to a Secondary school - presumably in October,and won't find out if your application is successful until the following Feb (statemented children find out first) unless they are proposing to name a Special school in the statement.

DSs review was always in the Nov, but we moved it so that we could deal with the Transition Issues at the same time as the review.

Inappropriatelyemployed Mon 15-Apr-13 20:49:09

Thanks. I had a quick look at SEN COP which seems to cover it in 5:70 and 5:71

5:70 At the review in year 5 it should be possible, in most cases, to give clear recommendations as to the type of provision the child will require at the secondary stage. It will then be possible for the parents to visit secondary schools and to consider appropriate options within the same or similar timescales as other parents.

5:71 In a very few cases the options may not be clear at the year 5 review, in which case it may be necessary to hold an interim or early annual review in the autumn of year 6. Very rarely a child’s needs may change after the year 5 review to such a great extent that the recommendations as to the type of provision will need amendment. This should take place through an interim or year 6 review

The LA have now asked that the school put in writing that the review just gone was the AR and a new review in summer is the transitional review.

What can they be up to?

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