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Perpetual motion - you can set your watch by it!

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Handywoman Sat 13-Apr-13 19:38:42

dd2 (aged 8 ?ASD) has had problems with attention, needs to be refocused a lot at school. She also has significant hearing problems atm although the attention probs have been constant (she often forgets a simple task before walking across a room) her hearing has been monitored frequently and been adequate for the 18 months before Xmas. Paed doesn't think she merits a diagnosis on the basis that her attention can be good (we are mostly talking about 1-1 situations).

Every (literally every) evening from about 1830 she goes into perpetual motion. She is powerless to stop it. She is swinging from door handles, jumping off the arm of the sofa, forward rolls, running up and down the length of the room, swinging off the back of the chair. It makes no difference what you say to her. A lot of the movement is repetitive and if she is simply sitting for a bit then she will rock, squirm, fidget, kick. There is no stillness til bed (her sleep is quite consistent and she sleeps well.

Anyone else have this with their dc? Is my Paed barking up the wrong tree to say that because she pays attention well 1:1 dd2 doesn't have ADHD? We have filled in Connor loads of times and in Y2 both teacher and I scored her a 'high ADHD' index. It was only the TA confounding this (as she had dd2 in a small group) that threw a spanner in the works.

Anyone else with a child that does this?

Handywoman Sat 13-Apr-13 19:42:46

Should say Paed thinks dd2 is 'probably' on the spectrum, we await assessment. But the ADHD seems to not be flagging up.

mrsbaffled Sat 13-Apr-13 20:25:30

My DS (8) is like this in the evenings too. He has suspected AS. SIL (her DC has AS too) says it could be someting to do with transitions....I know DS goes a bit barmy at change times.

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