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Me again - anxiety in child with speech delay

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redwellybluewelly Fri 12-Apr-13 10:06:58

DD is 32 months, she has an expressive speech delay using single words but also signs, she is generally very happy although probably 3-4months behind her peers in most areas (hemi CP). She attends mainstream nursery and has good strong relationships with other children, several key staff as well as DH and I at home. As with many HIE (oxygen starved at birth) babies she has had massive sleep issues since birth, this leads to her regressing, becoming withdrawn and very wobbly and at higher risk of seizures so we try very hard to help her sleep any way we can.

Since Christmas she has been much better (development?) and we have a rock solid bedtime routine which ends with her in bed at 7pm and usually asleep by twenty past, she settles with her cuddlies and I wait upstairs doing various chores until I hear snores.

The past few nights she hasn't fallen asleep, last night was the worst. I went in at 8.30pm after realising she was awake and she was just lying there, calm and quiet but wide awake and as if she was scared. I gave her big cuddles and rocked her a bit and she semi passed out in my arms and then woke again for more cuddles when I went to move her. When I asked what was wrong she started talking about 'mummy baby' - I am due her sibling in just eight weeks time but we haven't pushed this with her.

Nursery agree she is showing signs of anxiety, quieter and clearly tired, but I am not at all sure what I can do to help her feel more secure given her comprehension of such a life changing event is limited. We have read books, we have 'talked' to baby in my tummy, she has a doll that she adores who she looks after (even before I fell pg) and she loves the tiny babies at nursery. But as to what has suddenly triggered this worry I don't know and how to help her I also don't know.

Could anyone advise? I'd be most grateful.

zzzzz Fri 12-Apr-13 10:38:04

If her receptive language is good enough I would guess someone has said something daft in front of her. Keep things calm and loving and constant and her fears will dissipate.

Strangely I was anxious when I had my second child, that I wouldn't love them equally as so much of my love was invested in dd1. It was utter nonsense of course. Babies bring the love with them into the world. Siblings are a huge gift. Your dd sounds loving and sensitive, she will make a good older sister.

Sleep issues often are a little more challenging in the spring/summer, so that may not be helping either.

Honk honk

redwellybluewelly Fri 12-Apr-13 11:28:43

Many thanks - with all the issues she has I worry about her a lot but despite everything it is extremely unlike her to be so anxious and upset.

Nursery are solid gold and so they have agreed to just watch today and call me if she gets too wobbly, I'm going to love bomb her this weekend and see if that helps with increasing her security.

I haven't given DC2 as much thought as I should have done confused I have been so wrapped up with work and with DD, so that you for kind words - I hope she will enjoy being a big sister

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