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Eek! I thought we were having too peaceful a time of it!

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Galena Thu 11-Apr-13 13:18:56

DD has been doing really well with her 1-1 at preschool and I am now able to leave her pretty much every day.

We have raised all the money for her SDR op (thanks to a kind donation from some lottery winners) and we were waiting to hear about her suitability after her physio assessment.

Life was good.

Life still IS good, but has suddenly gone manic! She has been accepted for SDR so the op will be at the end of the year, we want her to have Botox in the meantime to try to maintain her mobility before the op. We were originally told 14th May, but got a letter saying it had changed to 21st May. Our issue with this is that there has to be 6 months between botox and op. So I phoned today and they've managed to fit us into the April clinic - on Tuesday! She also needs an MRI scan before the op (another General Anaesthetic).

Botox means we need to up the stretches and strengthening physio. We also need to up the physio before the op.

ARGH! Life is suddenly busy!

Is it too early for wine ?!

thereonthestair Thu 11-Apr-13 13:25:02

OOOh how very exciting. So glad you have got somewhere with SDR and were accepted and even better that you can still get the botox in. (We are currently hitting our head against a brisk wall as the GP doen't know how to refer, we can't seem to arrange a private referral as the place we would refer to won't take us privately so we are now trying to pull strings) but I am sure we will get there just like you have.

And as for the strecthes you know it will be fine and they will get done (do your nursery manage to fit a load it - we delegated ours to DS 1-2-1 wherever possible!)

Galena Thu 11-Apr-13 13:30:01

The 1-1 is very new so we haven't discussed stretches yet - but I can see it'll be important. I think I may need to buy a gym mat for playgroup...

Where are you trying to be referred to? Surely it shouldn't be that difficult?! Our paediatrician just wrote a letter to the place we wanted, saying we wanted to discuss SDR. Since that initial discussion, everything has been self-funded (although not private).

thereonthestair Thu 11-Apr-13 17:18:59

Our pct got a sort of bench thing for stretches. The ot sorted it out. That bit was really simple! The physio then went in and showed them the stretches and then we delegated. They did 5 a day post Botox, leaving us 3. Made life much easier. They still do 2-3 a day now.

Galena Thu 11-Apr-13 18:02:17

Yeah - we do 3-4 full sets of stretches post Botox, if 1-1 did one setin the morning, that leaves me one set after lunch and DH one set after dinner. And one more set mid-afternoon if needed.

It's all a bit of a rush now! Hopefully I'll be able to show them the basics...

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